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July 31, 2007

The Fish Terminator - Schwarzenegger's Campaign to Build the Delta Canal and More Dams


Environmentalists, fishing groups and native tribes are skeptical of the Governators plans for the Delta which include the proposed raising of the Shasta dam. Via: Counterpunch LINK

Workin for a Livin


2 weeks, 4000 miles and 77 hours behind the wheel yields some Pike action for B. Mason on the Yukon.  This entry at the bell is strong.

Drake Take


Bennett scores big with this pic - Russian River bow (pigmy variety).


Another honey of a shot - a bit more rotund this time. 

Short film of the KP trip to be released soon.

"Fly Fishin" A Song By Captain Sam Crutchfield



Savlen Studios Customer Appreciation Giveaway


From now through December 2007 for every Limited Edition Print you buy at Savlen Studios you will be entered to win this large original painting "Sol Duc Steel.  LINK

A feat of angling while salmon fishing


Casey Allen chronicles catching and releasing a blue shark while salmon fishing.

Bob Lima removed my fly, unharmed, from the corner of the sharks mouth. He said, “now that, was a feat of angling.” We snapped a few photos and I launched the shark, jaws first, back into the sea, also unharmed.

Via: The Times Standard LINK

Reel Sexy


ReelSexy is more than just a fishing program, it's an exciting adventure travel show drenched in sex appeal. Featuring beautiful, intelligent women in exotic locations, having lots of flirtatious fun, Reel Sexy targets the male demographic very well. Video Link Via Reelsexy.tv.com LINK

Catch of the Day


Jim Hodges has never made a catch quite like the one he pulled from White River north of Broad Ripple a few days ago.The 62-year-old Indianapolis man lifted a 145-year-old gravestone into his bass boat.

Via: The Courier Journal LINK

July 30, 2007

Potvin Tarpon


Last minute Slab entry from Brian Potvin. 

48 hrs.


With only 4 submissions to date in July, this month's contest is ripe for the taking.

Back to Reality

The less refined half of the Chum has returned from a 10 day 3 wt session in the high Sierra's.  With Sardine lake as base camp, our trip was spectacular. 


On top of the world - Rathbun squared standing on Sierra Buttes Ridge, with Young America lake (full of hungry California Golden Trout) in the background.


E. J. and Leslie Rathbun (and sisters/friends) - view is East to Sacramento.


Post hike celebration with the better half (why she hangs with me is a question that continues to linger).  Scene of the crime in the background - Sierra Buttes (may as well be Tibet).


The extended Sardine Lake family.  Same 8 families, same week, same location - 30 years and counting. 

Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, Here She Comes


On Oct. 20, the 80-year-old fly-fishing legend will be inducted into the International Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum in Florida. VIA Frederick News Post LINK

Skeena Steelhead Returns Worst on Record


Northwest BC angling guides and conservationists are demanding Fisheries and Oceans Canada implement conservation measures in the Skeena River salmon fishery after news that early steelhead returns to date are 15 percent of average levels.  Via: Terrace Daily LINK

Wild or Farm Raised?


July 29, 2007

H20 We Love


Be the first to name the flow above and get a Eat Moldy Chum, Crap Thunder tee shirt.  Email to mcreelpure@gmail.com .

Update: Matt Jewett snatches victory from the jaws of defeet with his Rogue River identification.  MJ - schwag is on the way.

The Fishy Song

July 27, 2007

Coming to a theater near you


The Balancing Fisherman


Help! I'm Seeing Spots!


UPDATE: A much better pic of Severson's S.O.M. entry.

Severson won't be ignored. Sick fish porn is the fabric of this junkie. "The Speckler" took a size 18 sulpher dun on 6x on the West Branch of the Delaware. This may be the month David!

July 26, 2007



Save Our Wild Salmon is on the road this summer with a 25 foot salmon sculpture to raise awareness for endangered wild salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

Via Save Our Wild Salmon LINK

The tour just made a stop at Patagonia HQ in Ventura.  LINK

Add your voice to the campaign! LINK

The FlyteDeck


Combo fly box and rod holder with built in tippet pouch, retractors, floatant holders and net anchor.


Leave it to the Brits to have a proper float tube association


Welcome to the British Float Tube Association.  LINK

The Lochsa has great cutthroat fishing and a lot more


The Lochsa River is what fly fishing for cutthroats is all about.

Via: The Idaho Statesman  LINK

July 25, 2007

Marmot Dam Removal on the Sandy Begins


The Sandy River will soon flow free from Mt. Hood to the Columbia.

The largest dam removal in the Pacific Northwest in 40 years began on Tuesday with blasts of 4,000 pounds of explosives, the dam's owner, Portland General Electric, said.  Via: Reuters  LINK

Fish Dogs


An excellent take on fishing dogs by the top dog at Patagonia.

Talk all you want about so-called “advancements in fly fishing” -- ozone hole-depleting fluorocarbon leaders, boron rods with price tags equivalent to your monthly mortgage, and now waders with front zippers so you can relieve yourself while never having to vacate your coveted spot on the river…

Forget the fancy gear! What you really need to catch more trout, salmon or stripers is to get a good-tempered dog, the kind of dog that encourages you to get outside fishing all year long … a fish dog.

Via: The Cleanest Line LINK

VR Classic Fly Reels


Each part of the reel is fully machined from solid aerospace certified titanium bar stock. LINK

Live the Dream


Cost of living is a bit steep but Orvis is looking for a Retail Fishing Manager for their Jackson Hole store. LINK

Flycasting Extreme Part II

July 24, 2007

World Fly Fishing Video Smackdown - Beat #1 - France vs USA

Since we were schooled again in this years World Fly Fishing Championships we thought we would see if we could exact some revenge by setting up a World Fly Fishing YouTube Video Competition. Cast your votes below, the winner goes on to the next round.

In this corner, representing the French, La Nature Bouge. A lovely collection of imagery from the river featuring fly reels, flowers and snappy techno soundtrack.

Representing the good ol U.S.A is Reel Fish'n Steelhead Preview. The soundtrack alone is guaranteed to put us over the top.  USA! USA! USA!

Robo Flies

Via: Gizmodo  LINK

From David James Duncan's, "Not Rocking the Boats", a short story that appeared in River Teeth.

What I have against you, Mister River Jim Burnett's Riverfuckin Wetdreams, is that this time next year you'll be hypin' some new IBM microelectronic Pteronarcys or Acroneuria you operate with a toggle switch on the butt of some nine-thousand-dollar Jedi Jim Zukonite Fly Rod that sends electrolytic impulses down the line to the fly, causin' it to go through every life-stage of the bonafide insect, includin' screwin' an' dyin'! 

July 23, 2007

Swimming with the Tuna

If running with the bulls is not quite your cup of tea......


.....how bout swimming with the tuna?


In Sicily they catch tuna in a traditional festival known as the mattanza. A trap leads the fish into a chamber, called la camera della morte, which has a net floor that can be raised. The fish are then brought to the surface and killed. The larger fish are killed with a shotgun, the remaining fish are killed by divers.

Moritz Sieberts mattanza Flickr slideshow. LINK

There are

Caddis Case Jewelry - The Video


A video follow up to this post we did back in February.

Providing bits of precious and semi-precious material for Caddis to construct jewelry is actually not all that unique. Caddisfly case jewelry is available at the Classic Fly Fisherman and Wildscape.

Name the Flow Update


To all our readers that submitted answers to the last, "Name the Flow" contest you're going to have to wait a bit before we announce a winner. The brains behind the contest is on vacation and I don't know the answer.

July 22, 2007

This is Fly - Issue 2


Available now on the internet newsstand LINK

No on-line fly mag would be complete without a blog. LINK

Catch-Release Angling Injures Fish


A new study has determined what a lot of us already know, catch and release can be fatal if the fish is not handled with care.

Catch and release fishing seems like a win win-situation, with recreational anglers experiencing the thrill of a catch, while their prey can, in theory, swim safely away. But that's not always the case, according to a new study that found fish, including sharks, may suffer so much trauma during the event that they could die shortly thereafter.

Although the findings apply to sharks and other fish, Danylchuk and her team focused on bonefish, a tropical fish whose wariness and speed make it a sought-after target among recreational anglers.

Their recommendations

Broadhurst and Danylchuk also recommend that catch and release fishermen should minimize air exposure, use landing nets without knotted mesh, use barbless hooks to help expedite hook removal, and avoid sunscreen and bug repellent on hands, since Danylchuk said, "these can affect the slime coating on fish."

Trophy fish photos are still possible, she said, but fishermen must take care.

"Make sure to get your shot all set up before taking the fish out of the water," she advised. "When you do take the fish out of the water, try holding your breath. When you need to breathe, the fish probably does too and it's time to put it back in the water."

Thanks to Josh for the tip. Via: Discovery News LINK


July 21, 2007

Moldy Links - June 2005

Miller's Dog is So Dumb


He thinks herl refers to projectile regurgitation.


Badda Boom Badda Bing


The Big Goomba is a Musky guide service that takes it's name from a Lund pro series boat. Opens up a whole new world of fishing lexicon.

Fish on! = Badda Boom
Fish off = Fuhgeddaboutit!
Cosigliere = Guide
Good Fellas = Fishing Buddys
Whacked = Opposite of Catch and Release


Sven and Ole's Miracle Fishing Lures....if it catches a fish it's a miracle!

The #1 Lure

Congratulations! You found us! Welcome to the home of Sven & Ole's Miracle Fishin Loors. Our only goal is to make YOU the customer happy and clean all of that nasty dirty money out of your pockets, before you catch something and get sick. Just remember we stand behind each and every one of our lures(cause if we stood in front of them you wouldn't be able to see them )


In the town where I was born

Lived a man who sailed the sea

A French fisherman hauled in the catch of a lifetime this week when he caught a yellow submarine while out at sea, France 2 television reported.



July 20, 2007

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto


I Think I Have a Nibble

Sport Tube Double Haul Fly Rod Case


Just one of the five fly rod transport products available from Sport Tube. LINK

From The Bottom Up


One man's crusade to clean up America's rivers. LINK

Friday Fish Art


July 19, 2007

Yellowstone trout species 'holding their own'


In setback for activists, government experts don't see need for ESA listing.


We think there may be another explanation for the, "no need for listing decision".

When the vice president got wind of a petition to list the cutthroat trout in Yellowstone National Park as a protected species, his office turned to one of his former congressional aides.

The aide, Paul Hoffman, landed his job as deputy assistant interior secretary for fish and wildlife after Cheney recommended him. In an interview, Hoffman said the vice president knew that listing the cutthroat trout would harm the recreational fishing industry in his home state of Wyoming and that he "followed the issue closely." In 2001 and again in 2006, Hoffman's agency declined to list the trout as threatened.  Via: The Washington Post  LINK

World Record Carp


One angling guide from Thailand has managed to catch what is believed to be the largest carp ever caught in the history of sport fishing.

Fishing Adventures Thailand professional guide Kik's carp was found to weigh some 265 pounds (120 kg) after he caught it on the Bung Sam Lan Lake on July 2nd.  Via Spluch  LINK

Three Flying Fish

Click on photo to ENLARGE!

The most amazing photo of a tuna grabbing a flying fish out of midair you'll see all day.

via: Washington Fly Fishing 

Thanks to Anil over at Puget Sound Fly Company for sharing.

All Contestants Should Be Required to Wear Kilts


The International Federation of Sport Fly Fishing (Fips-Mouche), at the 38th Congress of The Confederation International of Sport Fishing (CIPS) in Prague, has announced Scotland has won the rights to host the 2009 World Fly Fishing Championships.  Via: MidCurrent  LINK

Opens up a new opportunity for the sponsorship starved U.S. team. LINK

Wii Fishing Pole Almost Adds Excitement to Simulated Angling


"Just a thought: It's summertime—maybe a bit of real fishing would be a better substitute for playing a fishing game on the Wii."  Via: Gizmodo  LINK

The Antiquarian Angler


Welcome to Antiquarian Angler Online, your internet bookstore for new, hard to find and out of print books on fish, fishing and related natural history.  LINK

Another OC Joins the Tribe


Sean O'Connor flashes a smile and a chunky Bow River bow taken on his first ever float trip.


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