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March 31, 2007

Bout With A Trout

March 30, 2007

Billy Connolly on Fly Fishing the World

Comedian Billy Connolly joins John Barrett on a salt water safari to Belize. The show will start airing tomorrow night on the Versus channel. LINK  In the meantime a taste of the, "Evil Scotsman".

Fish Porn Extends Beyond the Theoretical


These scientists have discovered that fish porn makes male sticklebacks ejaculate more.  VIA Vegan Porn LINK

Fishing With John (Episode 2b: Tom Waits)

Green River

March 29, 2007

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me ...Make Poor Headwear Decisions

Count Us In


For 25 bones a year, just do it.  VIA Seattle Times LINK

Stoneflies of the United States



Chrome on Chrome


More anadromous bloginess. LINK

March 28, 2007

Original Fishing Art by Mike Savlen


When these paintings are lit properly from above and have the proper viewing distance they move and breathe on their own. You can almost reach into the painting and catch one with your hands.  LINK

I was lucky to recently get one of Mike's daily paintings as a gift from my better half. Mike also posts his daily artwork on his Fresh Art blog.  LINK




Our Bayou bud Larry Offner sent us a pic of his newly finished Pirogue (Cajun Canoe).  Not a bad way to target Reds in the marshes and Gills in the bayous of Louisiana!  More - Bayou Bound   

The New "Salmon Thirty Salmon"


Images of wild trout......


.....through the eyes of a fly fisherman with his head in the water...

LINK (Via: Mike Savlen Fine Art)


March 27, 2007

It's pronounced HOO-moo-HOO-moo-NOO-koo-NOO-koo-AH-poo-AH-ah


Everyone thought the humuhumunukunukuapuaa was Hawaii's state fish. As it turns out, the brightly colored fish with the excessively long name has been dethroned.  Via: Fox News LINK

Judge denies federal protection for westslope cutthroat trout


A federal judge has ruled the westslope cutthroat trout does not merit the protection of the Endangered Species Act, likely ending environmental groups’ decade-long effort to gain protection for the fish. Via: Great Falls Tribune LINK

The Period Collection


Scroll down after the jump to explore the galleries.


Fly Fishing for Bluefin

Trout Lily Studios Reduction Woodcuts



The Gas Bill is a Bitch




And one hell of a fly fisherman


UPDATE: Here's a link to the Y.C. Fortune article. Via CNN Money LINK

March 26, 2007

In The Name of The Father...


...and of the Son and of the HOLY CRAP this contest is getting ridiculous!

Slab of the Month (and Year) just got a bit more serious.  Randall Bryett's trip to Islamorada was worth the gas money.  Considering Randal stands 5'10" - 230lbs, it's safe to say this is a slab. 

Red Drum Red Drum


Captain Bryan Carter of Voodoo Charters showing off his Patagonia Sunshade shirt.


MT with a Texas Redfish he took last week with Capt. Billy Trimble.

Fishing With John (Episode 2a: Tom Waits)

PATAGONIA 45 Degrees South

A tasty trailer from an upcoming new movie from XstreamAnglers, SAKMEDIA, TheFlyFishingSyndicate and 406 Productions.

March 25, 2007

Five Days Left


Remember - all 12 monthly finalists have a shot at this schwag

March 24, 2007

Nanook of the North

March 23, 2007

Slab of the Month


Kalama King!

Wayne Jordon of Seattle steps up and delivers his slab of the month entry.

Tying the Silkworm Chironomid

Revolutionary Chum Dispenser


How to load chum:
Unlock the flaps, fill with the desired amount of fresh or frozen chum. Close the flaps, and turn the ChumPro upright. It's now ready to lower to depth. The ChumPro weighs 5 pounds empty and will sink to your desired depth quickly and remain vertical in the water.  LINK

March 22, 2007

Poon Tang


After being snubbed by the judges for his big browns in February,"The Big E" comes back with a silver theme for March.

The Impossible Canyon

All In A Week's Work


Another day, a customer was standing outside my shop, waiting for me to open. I greeted him and noticed that he was holding a bag from my shop. After 17 years in retail, I know when a customer comes in my shop carrying one of my bags, it’s never good news and each time I see one of my own bags coming back, I know this is going to be an adventure.

Via: The Fly Fishing Wis LINK

Popping a Boner in Hawaii


Via flyfish.com LINK

2007 - Year of The Cheese Filled, Bacon Wrapped, Deep Fried Beer Battered Hotdog



Two New Invasive Species Per Year Entering US/Canadian Great Lakes


Frustrated by the mounting number of invasive species arriving in the bellies of overseas freighters, some conservationists are proposing a simple but radical solution: Ban the ships from the Great Lakes until they can figure out how to stop discharging contaminated ballast water. Via:Treehugger LINK

March 21, 2007

Everybody Rim Chung Tonight


Since designing the RS2, Rim has never used another fly.  LINK

Excerpts of a Guide’s Journal: the Hexegenia Hatch


Some people outside the sport could mistake the behavior of fly fishers during the hatch as nothing less than a mystery cult. To a certain degree it is a fertility rite.  After all, that’s what a may fly is built for.  I’d like to think, on our river, the gathering of fly fishers for the Hex hatch is akin to the annual gathering of the old clans complete with feasts cooked out over open fires, conversation and story telling, and plenty of strong drink--kilts are optional. Via: FBN Guide Service LINK

Top Ten Differences Between Stripers and Strippers

3559 Firefoxscreensnapz003

Drew wants to know. Via Wicked Outdoorsy LINK

Fly Tying Enhancements


The Ekich automatic bobbin.  LINK

March 20, 2007

El Jefe



That's a big phuckin Salmon!


This week's edition of "That's Phuckin Big" made us shart ourselves. 

Who is the Angler in this picture?  Ask your guide friends, lodge pals, or any bug addict you know.  The first person that identifies this dude, and gives us a little background on where he got his rotund Salmon, we'll hook up with a free Reel Pure Glareproof lid.  Email referrals to thatsphuckinbig@reelpure.com .

Fishing With John (Episode I: Jim Jarmusch)

Tweed Bag Guide to the Ten Must Drink Irish Whiskeys


Gaston my good man!  Run out and get me a bottle of Knappogue Castle so I can re-fill the flask for Sunday's excursion to the river tweed.


A.B. Fly


40,000 flies (more than 140 different types of flies) are tied every year in Alain Barthélemy’s workshop. This shows how dynamic this Dutch company has become in a few years, succeeding in gaining the most demanding fly-fishers’ confidence. As a matter of fact, Alain Barthélemy, whose taste for perfection is as strong as his passion for fly-fishing, makes it a point of honor to tie every single fly imitation himself.   LINK

Dreaming of owning some fly fishing property in Alaska?


Site updated daily.  LINK

March 19, 2007

Hot Off The Press


Available for human consumption in the Reel Pure online store later this week.  For only 15 bones, you too can be the life of your next dinner party.  Stay tuned - we'll shout out when they are on sale.

Shook Me All Night Long

Girls Saltwater Fishing - For more funny movies, click here

Rubber Sole?


Share your thoughts regarding sticky rubber soles on wading boots over at Way Upstream. LINK


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