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January 31, 2007

Severson Strikes Again


Severson sneeks one in on the last day.  This time it's a bow fooled with an olive caddis larva (our favorite Deschutes bug) on zipper lip creek, upstate NY. 

Big Trout Radio


All the songs on this CD are from the Big Trout Radio archives.

By now you’ve heard about it . . . the tiny 10 watt radio station in the mountains of trout country that piggybacked onto a 50,000 watt, clear-channel signal and became an overnight sensation from Montauk to Missoula.

Carlton Munson, the station’s eccentric owner, has played only songs about fish and fishing since he assembled his mail-order transmitter and went on the air in 1959. "I only care about two things, " he explains, "Good fishing and good music. It's all trout, all the time."

Don't miss the free Mp3 download of, "Big Old Trout". LINK

Welcome to Jurassic Lake!

Fly Fishing Meets Monster Truck Commercial


Download AnglingExploration.mp3

Almost as good as the monster truck church commercial.

Chum Toonage!


VIA Gone Fishing  LINK

U.S.A! U.S.A.!


USA on the Fly claims to be the world's largest fly fishing directory. LINK

January 30, 2007

Federal Agencies Issue Final Mandates for Klamath Dam


Score one for the good guys.

Today is a historic day in the struggle to restore the Klamath River. The Department of Interior and Commerce issued final mandatory terms and conditions for the relicensing of PacifiCorp dams that require fish passage, paving the way for the removal of four dams that block the migration of salmon, steelhead and other fish. This huge victory wouldn't have happened without all of the political pressure over the past few years by a broad coalition of Klamath Basin Indian Tribes, commercial fishermen, recreational anglers and conservationists. VIA North Coast LINK

And The Winners Are


According to Chum readers Brendan Mason, Mark Hieronymus, Rob Heckler, and Tom Sheehy, the sign above sums up the story behind the big phuckin Tarpon from last week. 

We need to either get more serious about this contest or find less savvy readers.  Reel Pure Dry Bags  are on the way!

Fly Fishing Merit Badge


The new Fly Fishing Merit Badge was established in May of 2002. It gives Boy Scouts the opportunity to learn about fly fishing, fly tying, and fishing conservation.  LINK

Fish Arse



Spanky and His Salmon


Fact or Fiction?



January 29, 2007

The River Dry


David James Duncan rows through a wheat field to save salmon  VIA Grist: LINK

Previously on MC:

Lost River LINK

Steve Moran's Custom Rods

Early in my rod building, I began to focus on the rod handle.  LINK

Kiwi Pee-Wee

That's a Big Phuckin Tarpon


This week's eddition of "That's Phuckin Big" focuses on a freakishly large member of the minnow family. 

Who is the Angler in this picture?  Ask your guide friends, lodge pals, or any bug addict you know.  The first person that identifies this dude, and gives us a little background on where he got his tarpon, we'll hook up with a free Reel Pure Dry Bag.  Email referrals to thatsphuckinbig@reelpure.com .

January 28, 2007

Me no Play


January 27, 2007

Boneless Brown Trout


Don't shoot the messenger. LINK

The Carbon Fiber Fly Box


You'll have to buy a couple of Morell boxes to offset the carbon in this baby.


January 26, 2007

In Battle to Bring in Catch, an Imaginative Angler Learns to Win by a Neck


It's all about the NY Times today.

“My cousin said it really looked stupid, but the guide went crazy for it,” Greenberg said. “It was so simple. In the classic landing position, the fish has all the advantage, but with this method, if you stand directly upstream of the fish, it has to fight both the current and the leverage you apply to the rod. It’s like magic.”  VIA The New York Times  LINK

Throw This Romantic Comedy Back


Bruce Neuman gives two thumbs down to Catch and Release fishermen.

The ethical construct that binds catch-and-release fisherman together apparently works like this:They have a willingness to stab an unsuspecting fish in the mouth with a hook, then use a body-weight advantage of roughly 20-to-1 to reel it in while experiencing this as "sport," after which they spend a few minutes admiring their mastery over nature, then toss the maimed and disfigured creature back in the water.

He didn't like the movie either. VIA Inside Bay Area  LINK

Fish Capable of Human-like Logic


Fish have the reasoning capacity of a 4- or 5-year-old child when it comes to figuring out who among their peers is "top dog," new research shows.  VIA Spluch LINK

Songs to Wet a Fly to...


Via Washington Fly Fishing LINK

Oh Roland, You Whore


Now remember, not many of us started with a fly rod in our hands LINK

Nice Arse


More on Angling for Snakeheads


Thee Ass Hooked Whitey inspired us to go down the Snakehead path with this post.

Angling for the Giant Snakehead when the unique opportunity of the fish’s parental behavior while protecting it’s young presents itself is far above any other kind of fishing the most exciting of all. That is the topic I am going to talk to you about today. At the very moment I am writing those lines, I can see in my mind the whole scenario of a snakehead striking at a lure on top water. Bang!  VIA Carpe Carpio  LINK


Meet Hollywood Fish Wrangler, Kathy Ruddick


The film hits screens today.

The Vancouver-area fishing instructor and guide is the on-the-set expert who makes the actors look convincing with a fly rod. Her most recent movie, Catch & Release, is out this month, and she recently chatted with F&S contributor (and research editor for In-Style magazine) Stephen Camelio.  VIA Field and Stream Field Notes  LINK

Sensational Fly Website Logo

$100 bucks to the winner of this Sitepoint fly fishing website logo design contest. LINK

January 25, 2007

Going Deep In the Name of Trout Research Radio


Thanks Snowbug!


A Chance to Fly Fish with an Ex-President and Celebrity Guide


Bid on a fly fishing package for ten Anglers with President Carter and celebrity guide, Ted Turner!



Beware of angry rabbits.  LINK

First Annual Tattered Fly Photo Contest


The Tattered Fly is sponsoring a photo contest for all you amateur Beck and O'keefe types out there.

"Da Rules"  LINK

Related: Ten ways to improve your fly fishing photography. VIA Midcurrent LINK

07's First Slab of the Month


Mark H. is on the board with his not-so-dark royalty from SE AK.

Party Foul?


"I've fished it in rivers and ponds and lakes and caught everything from 2-inch bluegills to 6-pound bass," he said. "I've always said it's the finest lure I've ever fished ... and that's why I bought the company." LINK

Fly Fishing Great Waters


Apparently Mr. Teeny is at it again. LINK

New world record brook trout



January 24, 2007

Going Deep In The Name Of Trout Research


We had this originally teed up for A.M. tomorrow but The Underground launched it earlier this evening so we'll direct you there for the link and T.C's commentary.

Kirk Deeter dons scuba gear to document the way trout really feed underwater. He'll never fish the same way again.




VIA Spluch  LINK

Landing the Biggest Trout of Your Life


Landon Mayer's new book is scheduled for release next month and his DVD release of the same name is also ready for prime time.  LINK

View the DVD trailer VIA Mad Trout Media  LINK

This Fish Market...

Remember me?



Fly Fishermen and the Dogs that Love Them


We love throwing bugs.  But we also love our pooches (possibly even more).  So, when Ass Hooked Whitey posted this link we HAD to jump on board.  Thanks AHW and Tom at the Drake for reminding us that there is more to life than getting skunked.

Phish Pharts


Via New Scientist.com LINK

January 23, 2007

Salt with your Lenore Lahontan?

Traffic Cone Correction


In typical Chum fashion we got our Slab of the Year winners name wrong, JOHN  your prize is in the mail. We will fish slap the offending poster mercilessly.

How Was Your Weekend?


Matching the Hatch


The Silver Surfer


33 X 16

Jakob's Phatter


Our boys at Portland's finest, Countrysport, have showcased Jakob's Salmonfly Syndicate trailer.  And, as always, he's kickin' serious Deschuttes ass.

Spey: Take Two



Our spey lesson on Sunday was led by Michael Bennett and pooch, Rogue at Pacific Fly Fishers.  Bennett, as usual, was full of insight and a great teacher.  Thanks MB for fueling our sickness and being another checking account depletion catalyst!

Seattle trying to woo salmon back downtown with park's seawall makeover


Our new Seattle sculpture park is not only a fantastic urban oasis, it is also an environmental showcase.

VIA The Seattle Times LINK


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