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November 30, 2006

Spent Caddis by A.K. Best

Slab of the Year?


Fishizzle!  This was submitted today for the slab of the year contest.

Here's a hog caught on the Dream Stream section of the South Platte.  Caught by Matt Gray on a size 18 Greg's Emerger.

Yakutat Steel

Lefty # 5, 6, 7, and 8

Lefty5_1 Lefty6

Lefty7 Lefty8

These and other unique works by Vaughn Cochran.  VIA Blackfly Art  LINK

Bruegel Big Fish


Don't know the history or the meaning.  I just know it belongs on the Chum.

Slab of the Year Contest


We're bumping this one up to the top as we only have a month and change for this contest (and we've increased the ante).

Help us out by sending a photo of your "Slab of the Year" to info@reelpure.com.  Whether it's a 400 lb Mako or a 4 ounce bluegill, bring your slab to us.  In return, we'll hook the year end winner up with a Dry Bag Gift Pack.

Loungewear Essentials



November 29, 2006

Slab of the Devonian Period


Scientists say Dunkleosteus terrelli might have been "the first king of the beasts." The prehistoric fish was 33 feet long and weighed up to four tons. It had bladed jaws, a flesh-tearing feature that the sharks it preyed upon had not yet developed. VIA: MSNBC LINK

Coatin Foakin Mice Up

The Winston Channel


Winston has a very robust on-line video section on their re-tooled website. The Winston Channel features both company related content and another related site, flyfishingmovies.com, where anyone can submit video content. The site is not fully loaded but what is posted is high quality and poised to take advantage of the viral video boom. LINK

Scott, Orvis and AFFTA...


...join forces to protect the Bristol Bay watershed from industrial mineral development.  VIA Flyfish.com LINK

Tying Sucker Spawn

this is how you tie sucker spawn it is a very effective fly for steelhead

New Hope on the Kennebec

Driven in large part by the removal of the Edwards Dam in 1999, Kennebec stripers are making a remarkable comeback. Capt Dave Sherwood, who was one of our guides at Patagonia Striper Camp, chronicles the history of this fantastic fishery. VIA: The Coastal Conservation Association LINK

Ass Hooked Whitey


Chum Spread

Our friend Andy found this on the internets.

Make an expedition to the nearest river full of spawning chum and catch the darkest male you can find, when you can tweak there body and hear the backbone dislodge from the muscle, you've found your keeper!

Now place your prize in the backseat of a 74' lincoln, and let "sun dry" for a full week.

When the fish reaches the consistency of warm butter and is spreadable with a dull butter knife it is ready.

Enjoy spread thickly over bagels and toast as an early morning breakfast full of energy, or for a pick me up any time of the day!

The Bear Necessities


November 28, 2006

Mindful Wading


A series of acrylics on paper by Richard Thompson

I told Robin, "I fly fish and I wade streams. When I am crossing a stream I can't see the bottom and the water is moving. I have to balance myself while testing each rock for stability. I do this navigating under low light and in bad weather and often on unfamiliar streams. I do mindful wading." LINK

Fish Hands Free


You decide.

Allows hands-free tasking and prevents the rod/reel from getting wet, dirty or damaged. This rod holder can be used to easily secure a fly, spinning or bait-casting rod. LINK

You've Got Mail


Just one of many fly fishing inspired home decor and gift items from the Rogue Angler.  LINK 

Bueno Pues

November 27, 2006

Victoria's School of Fly Fishing


James Yale gives us a whole new pespective on nymphs as well as some other interesting subjects.  LINK

Do Fish Have Personalities?


According to the team at the University of Liverpool they do.  LINK

The Art of Joe Swaluk


As a life-long fisherman, Joe's intimate knowledge is reflected in his artistic wood sculptures of fish. Both freshwater and saltwater species are represented in his vast repertoire.  LINK

The Darth Vader Nymph


If you only knew the power of the Dark Side.

It's All About the Lure

November 26, 2006

Moldy Chum


Hank's Big Bass


Another slab of the year entry submitted by a friend of Hank's brother.

November 24, 2006

Happy Post Thanksgiving

Rod Crossman


Rod Crossman's work can be seen regularly in the finest sporting journals, galleries and museums worlwide.

I particularly like his etchings.


FlyBack Fly & Lure Retriever

I suppose you could also use it in a pinch to snag your fallen partner as he drifts by.

Flyback is an absolutely ingenious retriever of branch-snagged flies & lures. LINK

November 23, 2006

The Bead Headed Bead Fly


This is a new one for me.

The Bead and Book kit.  VIA: The Bead Gallery LINK

A bead fly is almost trivially easy to tie - well 'tie' is the wrong word, assemble is better. Thread some glass beads onto the hook, put a drop or two of Supa-Glue on the bead nearest the barb, and whip-finish in some insurance.

VIA: Bish on Fish LINK



Larry Offner (Reel Pure customer and Chum reader) just sent us pics of the Pirogues (Cajun Canoe) he and his buddy just built.  Last step in the process will be to add a Reel Pure Solo Fly decal to the bow. 

Larry, if you keep building kick ass boats like this, MTV will add "Pimp my Canoe" to its programming line-up.

Happy Thanksgiving!


November 22, 2006

The Shack Nasties


A brilliant Bruce Smithhammer rant ripped from the pages of Mountain Gazette.

It’s late January, and if I find myself leafing through one more tired article on the MONSTER BROOK TROUT OF LABRADOR, or GUARANTEED TACTICS FOR STILLWATER HAWGS, I’m going to lose it. Fishing rags — why do I buy them again and again? Paying for the privilege of skimming through something that’s 70-percent advertising and 20-percent slight variations on last year’s articles? Vowing to never again fork over well-earned coin for this drivel, pulp flies across the room, earning one eye open from the canus domesticus. Of course, this steadfast oath will no doubt weaken to sheepish excuses yet again come early December, as I try to stoically make it past the magazine racks pretending to be above all this tawdry fish porn.  LINK

The image above is from another on-line article describing this dreaded affliction. VIA Fly Anglers On Line LINK

Fly Fishing Made Easy!


Picked this gem up on WFF, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Are you having trouble threading the tippet into that "oh-so small" eyelet while fishing for the big ones? If so, fly fishing just became much easier and much faster!

Reel Combo Systems has just created two incredible products that will increase your time in the water and revolutionize the way we all fly fish... LINK

Tie your own rigs and use one of these. LINK

Reel Women


If you're a fly babe or a guy that loves fly babes, check out this site.  With trips, guides, lessons, and cool article content, Reel Women caters to the fly minded ladies.  LINK

Slabacious Ripper

Asian Carp Wranglers


November 21, 2006

Patagonia World Trout T Shirt Update

Bonefish T - Tim Borski Artist

And they are all organic cotton too!   

Patagonia just updated the numbers on World Trout T-Shirt sales from its inception in spring 2005 until November 17th, 2006. Fifteen styles have sold globally 33,491 shirts raising an astonishing $167,455 for grassroots groups!

Read more about World Trout LINK

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


Welcome to the website of Jeff Currier, writer, artist and fly fishing addict. LINK

To Spey or not to Spey...



...that was the question.  Not anymore.

Sunday morning we braved the Mother Nature induced bitch slap and headed to the river.  It was here that we met up with Clark Jennings (co-owner, Puget Sound Fly Company) and Eric Neufeld (highly respected Northwest manufacturers Rep and killer Spey instructor) for an intro to Spey casting class.  After years of flogging single handed rods, we feared the day of spey...knowing damn well another addiction would spawn from it.  We were right.  It's intoxicating.

If you find yourself like us (not yet taking the next step to Spey), do yourself a favor.  Take a big stick for a test drive.  It's a silly good time.

Etched Trout Wine Glasses


Just one of hundreds of fly fishing themed gifts, art and home decor items from Gill and Finn. LINK

The Stoney Creek Company


Creators of fine fly tying furniture. LINK

Fly Fishing Stained Glass



November 20, 2006

Considering a New Boat?


Can Angling Save World's Largest Salmon?


An article that originally appeared in National Geographic News back in August of 2004.

He had reached the banks of the Eg River, amid the vast steppe of northern Mongolia, to check out travelers' tales of an enormous freshwater salmon. To his surprise, his Mongolian guide produced a freshly shot prairie dog, which he attached to a fishing line and threw in the river.                                        
Moments later the water erupted to a massive strike mid-current. The fish got away—with a big chunk of prairie dog—but Vermillion was hooked for good.  VIA National Geo News  LINK

The Taimen Conservation Fund  LINK

The Great Taimen Incident

In 1998, one of our anglers was fighting a 32 inch Taimen in one of the tributaries we fish during our Mongolia travels.

As he was bringing the fish to shore, the water erupted when a Taimen estimated at over 100 pounds attacked the fish on our angler's line. Neither the 100 pound Taimen nor our angler wanted to let go, so an incredible tug of war ensued.  VIA Sweetwater Travel Company LINK

The day I Was Hooked


After trying to organize the chaotic mess that is the picture folder on my laptop, I came across this gem. I guess you can call it the exact moment I was literally hooked on fly fishing.

Photos anyone?

Briansmile Ericsmile

We're gonna kill two birds with one stone on this post:

a) If you're wondering who is behind the absurdness that is Moldy Chum, here you go (Brian Bennett, left and Eric Rathbun, right).

b) If you're ever in the market for a kick ass photographer, you may want to check out Glacier Peak Photography .  Devin Dahlgren (the man behind the lens) specializes in many things. Making dorks like us look totally jazzed even while getting blanked on a soggy steelheadless day is just one of them.


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