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September 29, 2006

The Intergalactic Double Haul


Tom Easton bought a ride for a size 22 dry fly on a private space launch.

Fly fisherman eat your hearts out! LINK

My trout fly may still have gone further on a single cast than any other in history, but it didn't get where it was supposed to. As any trout fisherman will tell you, that's pretty normal. LINK

As for the Longest Cast, I do think it safe to say that no one else in the history of fly-fishing has cast a fly sixteen miles (8 up, 8 down)!  LINK

Get Fly Fishing in Salt Waters for FREE!


We're not responsible if you end up on some Nigerian e-mail distribution list.

John Gallis Custom Fly Tying Desk


This fly tying desk cost more than you car. LINK

Duke Beardsley Studio


Some very nice fly fishing solar plate etchings.  LINK

Fly Fishing with Wild Bill


Wild Bill is what some like to call me since I can be found drifting the ocean in my little Jon boat. I go out about 2 miles off the coast of the Atlantic ocean.  LINK

September 28, 2006

Some Dam Good News


PacifiCorp loses challenge of fish ladders over dams

The finding by Administrative Law Judge Parlen L. McKenna, following a two-day hearing last month in Sacramento, Calif., adds to increasing public relations and economic pressure on PacifiCorp to remove the four dams straddling the Oregon-California border to help the Klamath River's struggling salmon runs.  VIA THe Corvallis Gazette-Times LINK

Federal court orders stronger salmon plan for the Snake River

With a warning to the federal government to issue an effective salmon recovery strategy or face “serious consequences,” yesterday U.S. District Court Judge James Redden ordered NOAA Fisheries and the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) to rewrite its plan for managing upper Snake River water in a manner that fully accounts for the effects of a related plan for the lower Snake and Columbia rivers. VIA American Rivers LINK

Harley Davidson Fly Reel


With reel cleavage. LINK

Hey! Look what just popped up in Bloglines!


Amazing to think that a little over a year ago the fly fishing category had barely even discovered the whole blog thing. It's like the heady days of the dot.com craze when everything was measured in dog years.

So who will be the first fabuloso to come up with a fly fishing Vlog?

VIA The Trout Underground LINK

Mouthful of Metolius


Why drink on the river when you can drink the river. VIA THe Champagne of Blogs LINK

Marie on the Rocks

When fly fishing in tidal rocky pools one should always be on the lookout for sneaker waves. Our friend and guide Rene took these shots of Marie last week in coastal Maine.

My Name is Luca


I dropped an e-mail to Luca Adelfio, the juice behind T.U.'s blog, and he kindly responded with some interesting details about his readership.

If anyone is interested, I'm happy to share what I know about the TU blog:

Our objectives with the blog are to increase website readership at www.tu.org by sharing info on angling the nation's top streams as well as educate readers about local conservation initiatives. I try to include both conservation project information as well as an angling report in each blog entry.

I don't think many 40+ year olds (the majority of TU's membership) read the blog, but a few are starting to, and the project has been well-received by 20 and 30 year olds. I have gotten e-mails from a couple folks who have joined TU after reading. I suspect that most of the readers who visit once keep coming back regularly.

A few of my entries (paticularly the ones that feature big fish) get upwards of 2000 readers.  I would say we are now averaging 500-1000 readers/article, but I only have access to the number of folks visiting the photo galleries,
not the entry itself. Our readership seems to be increasing steadily as more folks hear about it by word of mouth.

Overall, I think TU is pleased with the publicity we are creating w/out any advertising costs.  I hope that this medium will continue to provide a cost-effective way to bring attention to conservation efforts in the future,
particularly 10+ years from now.

Time to Guide on Another River?


It's tough to make coin as a guide when your home water looks like a Triple Grande Mocha.

NORFORK — As the civil lawsuit against a developer building above the Norfork Dam continues, local fly fishing guides are feeling the pinch in the pocketbook when silt washes into the North Fork River after each rain. VIA The Baxter Bulletin LINK

Stocking fish in the North Cascades?


With the stocking program on the Batten Kill resolved, well almost, we turn out attention to local waters.

A bill has been introduced to allow volunteers and the WDOF to continue stocking lakes in North Cascades National Park. The bill was filed to head off the possibility that the park may follow the lead of other national parks and discontinue the practice. The article has a link to the history of the fish stocking controversy and it's impact on the debate today.

Volunteer fishing groups such as the Hi-Lakers and Trail Blazers support the continued practice, while the North Cascades Conservation Council believes the lakes should return to their fish-free state.

VIA Washington Trails  LINK

September 27, 2006

Like the Rosie O'Donnell of trout, but with more redeeming qualities


VIA: RV Forum Community  LINK

Are Hawks better Fishermen than Ravens?

Boulware_on_the_snohomish_010 Boulware_on_the_snohomish_023_1   

Today, they may have been.

Half of the Chum team is an obnoxiously out of control Seahawk fan.  So as you can imagine we were stoked today when we had a chance to throw some line and chase Coho with Michael and Peter Boulware (and dad Jim).  As is the case many times, the Silvers were a bit tight-lipped.  That didn't stop us, however, from a few tightlines and some serious brotherly competition.  And on this day...yes, Hawks did hook up more.

Our buddy Mike Foster joined us and hooked us up with 3 Rivers Marine owner Dave Lee.  Having Dave guide us in his super sweet boat was a money experience! 

The next time Seattle dismantles another NFC opponent, and Holmgren gives them Monday off,  Boulware is joining the Chummers for a steelhead boondoggle.  Like we needed further motivation to root for the home team!

Oh, and artificial noise my ass.

Far Better to be an Indicator ...


Another great post from lesofieldsreams Flickr photostream. LINK

Casting for Recovery


Nice little article about this great group. VIA Toledoblade.com  Link

A Better Source for Copper Ribbing Wire


VIA Quest Outdoors LINK

Fish Carving Gallery


A huge gallery of fish carvings by Edward Walicki.  LINK

September 26, 2006

Suspect Identified in Recent Rainbow Trout Killings



Something from the Comments


Apparently the reports that the stocking plan on the Batten Kill is dead were a bit premature. As James, and some of the other blogs have pointed out, the final decision will actually be made on 10/21. Although confidence is still high that the state will abandon their plan it's never over until the fat brown trout sings.

Musings of a Trout Bum


Life is sweet when you are a trout bum.  LINK

A Shake of the Head


A Patagonia field essay by John Dutton

Fly fishing, I grant you, takes skill to cast, a practiced eye to find fish and a subtle presentation to convince the fish to take a collection of feathers, and perhaps some fast reflexes to hook the fish when the opportunity rises. But an action sport? No. Whenever I’d read fishing writers’ reports of heart-stopping action I always just shook my head.  LINK

Got any smackerel?


Competitors at last week's World Angling Championships were told to give urine samples or face losing their prizes.
VIA The Sunday Mirror LINK

September 25, 2006

Something more than beer



Batten Kill will stay wild


Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Wayne Laroche says the department will bow to public opinion and abandon a plan to stock sterile rainbow trout into the famed trout stream in southern Vermont. VIA WCAX  LINK

Teddy Bear Kills 2500 Rainbow Trout



Bill Bub's Boat


A few of the other anglers looked a bit puzzled, but their guides had become accustomed to Bill Bub's boat. VIA Newsleader.com Link

Fly Fishing the Lifetime Sport


Fly Fishing the Lifetime Sport is designed as an interactive, straight forward teaching experience using approximately 4 hours of video and oral explanations. Link

Where Wise Men Fish


More fish porn from the Wise Men.  This time they're after non-bulemic bows in Argentina.  Link

Trout Phone


Monday ebay goodness. LINK

September 22, 2006

How do you say Striper?


Dispatch from Striper Camp


Just a short note to thank you and all the participants for the great event.
I really enjoyed guiding my folks. I hope they learned a lot. Please
circulate this note to everyone on your list. That way they will get my
email address and this drooler of a picture. I will send individual pics to
my clients. The first day I was taking mostly film. I owe Craig a black and
purple fly as mine somehow all went missing.

The day after the event I took Stuart Levine back to the island I fished
with Ken, Jason and Jeff. (The producers of survivor won't get the name of
this island because I don't want them to fuck it up like Palau or Fiji.)
Here is a photo of Stuart's fish. I think it is the one that got away from

We landed six or seven slot fish had two doubles and lost tens of fish. This
guy was a little to big for the slot but what the heck. What action in wild
seas. Plus we used white flies in the foam lines. Like Dave Skok and I said
we wouldn't have done that but do it we did and it worked. Go figure. I
learned a lot once again. But black does work.

All the best. Now if we could only plan a good tide for next year. It
happens to be August 28 to September 2 or September 25 to 30. We will have
twelve foot tides on the second dates and beautiful colors too. All the best
to everyone.


Henry C. Barber
Address: Striper Heaven Northeast North America Somewhere

Mounting Dumbell Eyes


I can't tell you how many times I've had dumbells wiggle loose on my flies.  Here's a simple clip to help avoid this. 


Back by Popular Demand


The Reel Pure chick rears her not-so-ugly head once again.

Welcome to Juracsik Park


A great video interview of Tibor Reel founder Ted Juracsik courtesy of Fish and Fly Magazine. LINK

September 21, 2006

Bridger Field Watch Trout Case Back


Our products are decorated by master engravers who specialize in all styles of hand engraving. Bulino style engraving is a technique that uses very small lines and dots combined to create high definition artwork to metal by way of minute gravers. It is a style commonly used to decorate the most collectible shotguns.

VIA Montana Watch Company LINK

Dreaming of Steelhead


As our east coast striper adventure begins to wind down we start turning our thoughts to home and Steelhead.

The Idaho Statesman reviews the 20th Anniversary Edition of Jim Teeny's "Catching More Steelhead.

Some of Teeny's methods should probably be retired, such as throwing rocks into the river to move steelhead into easier casting areas.  LINK

Steve Schmidt, steehead addict. LINK

We had a chance to fish this week with steelhead expert, Patagonia rep, and now striper aficionado, Jerry Darkes. LINK

These pigs don't fly, but they do go fishing


Hogs on the archipelago's main island, Tongatapu, have conquered their fear of the ocean and now forage at low tide for crabs, mussels and seaweed, and fish marooned in rock pools.  VIA The Seattle Times  LINK

No wonder those big (Battenkill) fish are so hard to catch


Or, how wild trout earn their living. VIA Scenes de Ma Vie Bucolique. LINK

Fishing the Kill - Why the Battenkill may be the most technically difficult fly fishing stream in America. LINK

Battenkill River: many moods and doesn’t give up Its secrets readily - with video! VIA Flies and Fins  LINK

Nice Rainbow Trout Mosaic



Free Online Fly Tying Classes


We sniffed out news from our boy Murdock that FlyTyingForum.com is offering free virtual tying classes

FTF's mission is to "Unite fly tyers around the world" and this new program will allow tyers around the world to learn from one another just as if they were sitting in the same room.


September 20, 2006

Pro Bass Fisherman Explains Life To Son Through Complicated Bass-Fishing Metaphors


In his efforts to teach his son important life lessons, tournament bass fisherman Kyle Traverts usually reverts to complex bass-fishing metaphors, sources close to the family reported Tuesday.  VIA The Onion  LINK

Cutthroat Palate

A cutthroat trout eyes a fresh offering above. Is it real?  Or, is it bench-made?  Ah, 'tis the conundrum.
VIA lesOfieldstreams Flickr photostream LINK

Gortex Causes Cancer


Here's a nice little serving of ridiculousness on your Wednesday morning.  Link

September 19, 2006

Saltwater Fly Fishing Paintings by Christopher Crofton-Atkins



Best New FF Books


VIA Flyfish.com LINK

How the Zara Spook got its Name


This news is not of the fly variety, but once again the Chum is As Nasty as it Wants to Be (how could we pass up an opportunity to honor The 2 Live Crew ).

The original wood version, the Zaragossa, was made in the 1920s for fishing in Florida. After watching a prototype lure zigzag across the water in a test tank, a Heddon worker remarked that it wiggled its butt just like the hookers on Zaragoza Street in Panama City. VIA the Rutland Herald Link


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