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August 31, 2006

Giant Shark Caught On Fly Rod Off San Diego Coast


Lured by bucket-o-chum!

Some spectacular photos of what could turn out to be the largest shark ever taken on a fly. VIA Field and Stream LINK

My Fly is Open


The speaker repeatedly drove home the point that the primary hurdles fly-fishing has to overcome are the perceptions that it is an expensive and difficult sport. He didn't do his sport any favors by repeatedly referring to those of us skilled in the use of spinning rods as "Bubba fishermen." VIA THe Black Hills Pioneer LINK



Oh yeah he's dead sexeh.  LINK

Hardy Har Har


The $9,700 House of Hardy unobtainium fly reel.

The most fun you can have with a dead fish

Click the pic.

Not anymore.  LINK

August 29, 2006

Gone Fishing


Still in Colorado fishing the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan, we'll be back Thursday.

August 25, 2006

How do you make a small fortune in the fly fishing business?


Start with a large fortune. LINK

Rhino Tough



August 24, 2006

Do You Feel Lucky?


High Plains Drifter - Not the movie but a truly exceptional angling experience. LINK

So you want to be a fly fishing guide?  LINK

August 23, 2006

FFR or Bust


I'm headed to Fly Fishing Retailer first thing this morning followed by four solid days of minnow mugging with Rathbun, Acorn and a posse of Patagoniacs. We'll try to post some tidbits from the show but expect a full download upon our return. We'll also be hosting a gathering of our fellow bloggers and on-line media friends in the Patagonia booth this Friday and Fly Fish Radio is threatening to do a podcast from the event....stay tuned!

I'm pre-posting some recycled links for your reading pleasure while we're off working the beat in Denver, hope you enjoy these blasts from the past. B2out

Extra! Extra!


...read all about it.  Apparently Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding waters offers world-class fly fishing.  The writers at the Orange County Register are really on to something here.

Our sarcasm is only a reflection of the fact that we'll probably not have a chance to fish this area this year. 


Double Your Fun with a Colt


Another one for the vintage art gallery

For in between rises or just lazing on the bank.
Handy for low holers too!  LINK

On Demand Fishing Videos


While they may not have fly fishing content yet, it's probably worth keeping an eye on the development of this web video source.  Until then, can I get a BOOYAH?

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 22, 2006 -- MediaZone.com, one of the fastest-growing destinations for audiences seeking On Demand broadcast content, today announced the launch of The Fishing Channel (http://Fishing.MediaZone.com) as its latest offering within its lifestyle and entertainment category. 


Chum/RP Groupie?



Thought we'd share a nice little pic of one of our fans.  If you ask us, she kicks that Hardy Girl's butt up and down the block.  And don't worry, we did a quick focus group with our female audience and they emphatically agreed she rocks by stating, "she's too hot not to share with the world" and "...exploitation my ass." 

Jason Voorhees Meets Fly Fishing?


Ever been so dialed into a hatch that even a dead body couldn't pull you away?  Looks like I'm not the only one.  This is could be one movie to add to your Netflix line up?

On an annual fishing trip, in isolated high country, Stewart, Carl, Rocco and Billy ('the Kid') find a girl's body in the river. It's too late in the day for them to hike back to the road and report their tragic find. Next morning, instead of making the long trek back, they spend the day fishing. Their decision to stay on at the river is a little mysterious–almost as if the place itself is exerting some kind of magic over them. When the men finally return home to Jindabyne, and report finding the body, all hell breaks loose.


Tossing Your Meat on "The Fork"


Couldn't resist this post as the Chum team is hitting the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork after the Fly Fishing Retail Show this week.  Looks like the getting is good on the big bugs.

"The streamer fishing has been really good lately," said Howie, who said he has been using a hopper/dropper combo, but if he happens to lose the rig on his 6X tippet, he ties a streamer onto what's left of his leader and slams 'em.


August 22, 2006

Houz Bin Farteen


Could your waders be used as a weapon of mass destruction?


Salmon Sundaes? ‘Van-eel-a’ Ice Cream?


Scientists discovered how to extract the blood protein of the Arctic pout fish and infuse it into ice cream. Mixing it with milk, cream and sugar reduces the formation of ice crystals on the final product, meaning less cream can be used, which means fewer calories.  VIA Swim at Your Own Risk LINK

August 21, 2006

Hear ye! Hear ye!


B2, we're stoked to finally be a part of the Chum!  Thanks for welcoming us to the family.  What does this mean for Chummers?  We'll be delivering even more serious bug throwing scoop with less than serious attitude. 

As a "thank you" for putting up with the Chum's current and future babblings, we're giving a free Reel Pure Decal to all Moldy Chum connoisseurs.  Email us with "hook me up Reel Pure style" in the subject line and include your mailing address in the email body.


Moldy Chum / Reel Pure Vulcan Mind Meld ....A Message from Our Flounder


I'm proud to finally announce the official launch of the Moldy Chum / Reel Pure partnership.

I was originally inspired to launch this site by The Drake, and a website I first came across living back in Colorado, Reel Pure. We posted a link to the site our first month on line and we soon reached out to Reel Pure's head angler, Eric Rathbun, to share our enthusiasm for his message and to score some free hats and stickers. Fully outfitted with headwear the next logical step was to do some fishing together, although Rathbun pretty much did ALL the catching. Along the way I've been privileged to share in the Reel Pure biz plan and attitude so it was only natural that we offered up The Chum to be a part of that vision.

As part of the deal The Chum also gets a new Co - Chummer in the form of Mr. Rathbun, we're super psyched about having the help and the new perspective. He's already on the beat! See the following post to get your first taste of our new editor and to score some free shit.

FFR Play by Play


Attention industry geeks that can't get enough!  Your thirst for info is now quenched.  Fly Fishing Retailer now has an official blog.  Keep your fingers on the pulse of this blog to better understand what's new in the industry for 2007.

FFR kicks off in Denver later this week.  We're looking forward to a killer event!


Hump Two Lips


Drift boat fishing for Kings and Silver salmon in one of western Washingtons best fall run rivers the Humptulips River.


Live the Dream


Fish & Fly Magazine, the magazine of choice for the avid fly fishing aficionado, has an immediate opening for an experienced Advertising Sales Representative. LINK

Monday's Fish Quote


“I'd like to see a nature film where an eagle swoops down and pulls a fish out of a lake, and then maybe he's flying along, low to the ground, and the fish pulls a worm out of the ground. Now that's a documentary.”   Jack Handy

New and Improved Trout Nut


Apparently we all read the same forums, subscribe to the same feeds and have the same Google alerts. Time to break the mold!  In the meantime in case you missed this on every other fly fish website.

Jason Neuswanger has given Troutnut a face lift.  LINK

August 18, 2006

Wyoming Fly Fishing


More fly fishing video goodness from flies and fins.

Some of the hero shots on this video are taken in the Engagement Hole where I asked Marie to marry me in 2001. The "Reef" used to be the best kept secret in the lower 48.  LINK

We Built This Video


Horribly brilliant.

We, two dutch guys, Bas van Nuland en Eric van Nuland went fishing in Norway and we made this video  LINK

Rushing Waters


As I put my floatant on the Caddis Fly that the fly shop had three days earlier promised would bring fish, something happened to my frustration. It was replaced by an overwhelming sense of appreciation. Perhaps it was the rushing water as it surged past my neoprene encased legs, or the way the sun illuminated the early morning mountain ridge that forced the funk in both attitude and perception to melt away. Perhaps it was divine intervention reminding me that I was experiencing something far bigger than fishing.  VIA The Ripple Effect  LINK

August 17, 2006

Fishing or Catching?

Pyromarketing uses a chapter from Carl Richard's book, Selective Trout as a metaphor for effective marketing. LINK

Where Wise Men Fish


Making fly fishing dreams a reality.

Their trip videos will make you break out in a cold sweat  LINK

Afraid of Trout? Bring me Along!


And I’ll scare them all away for you.   VIA Rumblestrip  LINK

Casting In Dead Water


There's more than trout dying at Whitefork Lodge, and Max is in over his waders.  LINK

August 16, 2006

Walmart bans angler with offensive T-Shirt


I was in a Walmart once and saw a customer in the sporting goods department wearing a shirt that said, "This isn't a beer belly it's a gas tank for a sex machine".

A debate has been ensuing recently in a popular fly fishing discussion group regarding one of its members who was chastised by a Walmart manager and told never to wear a particular t-shirt in to the store again.

The t-shirt in question has the words "Bite Me" embroidered above a picture of a classic dry fly pattern, the royal coachman
.  VIA Newsvine  LINK

In the Field with Paolo Marchesi


Outside On-Line profiles photographer Paolo Marchesi whose fly fishing clients include Patagonia, Simms, Sage and  American Angler.

After attending the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, and building up a portfolio in San Francisco, Marchesi moved to Bozeman, Montana, in 1999 to pursue his other love: fly fishing. "It's a true art and it takes a lifetime to master it," says Marchesi. "I am at peace when I am on the river. I'm not religious and that's my religion."   LINK

Check out his exceptional fly fishing work in the mixed gallery on his website.  LINK

The Results Are In


The Copper John is indeed the #1 selling pattern at Umpqua, I'll be sending Patagonia stickers out early next week to EVERYONE who took the time to venture a guess. We did receive a couple of entries via the comments without addresses so if you want your Gooch stickers e-mail us off the sidebar link with your particulars.

From Pure to Polluted


When the world-class fly fishing section of Flat Creek that runs through the National Elk Refuge opened on Tuesday, hordes of fisherman set off in search of wily trout and their own little piece of one of the region's more pristine waterways.

What they did not find, however, as they tied flies on the surreal, federally managed land, is a hint of how quickly the quality of the stream degrades in just a few miles. VIA Planet Jackson Hole LINK

Fly Fishing Can Be Fatal


A mob boss has come to Whitefork Lodge for fishing fun and murder!  LINK

August 15, 2006

The Mayfly has a lifespan of two hours



Organizing a T.U. trout in the classroom program

A guide for you teachers out there.  LINK

Dunked your Digital?


The new Pentax Optio W20 waterproof digital shooter will be coming out in September. VIA Endgadget LINK

Conservacion Patagonica


My employer Patagonia is spearheading the acquisition and preservation of private lands in Patagonia and ultimately returning them to the public domain in the form of national parks or reserves. I'm considering applying for the opportunity to work on the property for three weeks next spring.  LINK

August 14, 2006

Patagonia Tarpon Sticker / Moldy Sweepstakes!


I had to laugh when I came across this item on our favorite auction site. I have a desk drawer full of Patagonia trout, tarpon and permit stickers, maybe I could make a little extra income on the side by offering up my collection to the highest bidder?

I will send an entire set of highly desirable Patagonia fish stickers to the first Chum reader who can tell me what the number one selling fly pattern is at Umpqua. Send us an e-mail with your guess and mailing address if you want a chance at this once in a lifetime opportunity! Friends and family of Moldy Chum or Umpqua Feather Merchants are not eligible to win, that means you Saez.  LINK

Salmon to the Sea Update


Bill Erickson has started his 900 mile kayak trip in support of wild salmon.  LINK

Why I Fish


By Jimmy D. Moore

Bury me with my fly rod and my streamside
kit so I can fish as I go down the River Styx.

If the Styx is cold, there'll be trout. If it's hot,
Well, you figure it out. 


August 11, 2006

Fly Fishing Year in Review


A tasty Flies and Fins video from the Google vault. LINK

Carp Frustrations?


Try dipping your flies in Jello powder.

“I drained the corn, put it in a Baggie and mixed in strawberry Jell-O (powder). I just tried it,” said Penman, who seldom fishes and never targets carp.  VIA The Rockford Register  LINK

August 10, 2006

The Contemplative Angler


Over My Waders has a blog.

A few words that I hope come from serious contemplation by streamside and are not just errant bubbles from leaky waders.  LINK

Catch of the Day


At the restaurant Zauo you can help yourself, no really, you HAVE to help yourself.

“If you want it you first have to catch it.”  VIA CBS 13 LINK


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