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July 31, 2006

Welcome to Anglers Lounge!


Anglers Lounge is a new robust social networking site, think My Space for fishing, that we were recently invited to check out. Lounge membership is by invitation only, you can request an invitation off the Lounge's homepage.

Anglers Lounge features the most powerful user contributed Fishing Reports engine online to date, enables you to create groups and local fishing clubs, gives each angler a home page and provides the latest social features to help you make and maintain friendships online.  LINK

Smoke a Lucky


To feel your level best.  LINK

Lucky Intern!


Luca Adelfio is one of the legions of interns trying to build up a resume this summer.

His home and office: A 16-year-old truck with no air conditioning and a broken fuel gauge. His business card: "Luckiest Guy in America." His assignment: Fly fish the top rivers in the country.  VIA The Seattle PI LINK

Monday's Fish Quote


“If all politicians fished instead of spoke publicly, we would be at peace with the world.” - Will Rogers

July 30, 2006

Can 30-pounder be far away?


He knew the rainbow trout was real big, the largest he'd ever seen. LINK

Emergency Signs Used to Promote Fish Fries


State homeland security officials have warned Vermillion County to stop using electronic emergency message boards to advertise fish fries, spaghetti dinners and other events.  LINK

July 28, 2006

Pump Up Fly Fishing



A River Runs Through It


Tiger's response about the K Club, site of the next Ryder Cup.

I've actually stayed there several times before going to the British Open. It's a beautiful place, and the golf course is like a park with rolling hills and big trees--very American-looking. It's straightforward and has many interesting holes, including some short risk-reward par 4s. A small river runs through the property, and I've spent many hours fly-fishing in it. The U.S. players will feel very comfortable on the course, but we'll have to play well to win.

Tiger owns 17 fly rods.

July 27, 2006

Fish Eye Soup Recipe


Start with one LARGE fish eye.  LINK

Loons On The Fly


These guys are setting up to act as a nationwide booking agent for fly fishing guides. LINK

Columbia River toxins moving up food chain


Over the past five years, virtually unnoticed amid other issues, scientists have unearthed a wealth of new information detailing the extent of toxic contamination in the Columbia River, enough that the Environmental Protection Agency added the entire 1,200-mile river to a shortlist of major waterways demanding national attention. 
VIA The Seattle Times  LINK

Fly of the Week



Steelhead Bicycles


We love custom bikes almost as much as we love steelhead. LINK

July 26, 2006

Mayflies force bridge closing


Kittanning Hose Co. 1 Fire Chief Gene Stephens said Monday night, "We shut the bridge down before we had any accidents. Earlier this month, we had three motorcyclists go down as a result of the mayflies."   LINK

Guide for the Gulf


Came across this very worthy cause on Fly Fishing Trade's website.

My name is Captain Gregg Arnold. I’m a fly-fishing guide from New Orleans, Louisiana. Because of Hurricane Katrina I am currently homeless and without work, as are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of other guides, boat crews, marina operators, and fishing suppliers. I am spearheading a grass roots effort to help all of us in and around the Gulf to restore our lives and businesses.  LINK

A wicked good guide to New England fly fishing


Swell Fly's New England Fly Fishing Blog.........and Podcast!

The concept of Swell Fly was conceived while on a backcountry fishing trip in the "Pemi" Wilderness Area in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The idea was further refined along trout streams in the Berkshires, and even while stuck in Cape Cod trafficLINK

Welcome to Mayfly Central


Mayfly Central is a place, a program, and an information resource. It is located in the Department of Entomology at Purdue University, where it is associated with the Laboratory of Aquatic Entomology.  LINK

Ross Reels Fly Fishing Fish Rod Lighted Light Up Sign


Ripped from the pages of E-Bay. LINK

July 25, 2006

"Hell he can't with a parachute on him ... not with a parachute he can't" ...


With apologies to Quint.  VIA Gizmodo  LINK

Ziploc Your Digicam


"If you don't have the right equipment for the job, you just have to make it yourself." - MacGyver

Want to take that fancy digital SLR to the river but afraid of exposing it to the elements?  Here's a low cost way to protect your camera from sand and water.  VIA Lifehacker  LINK

Jon Aqui's Fly Fishing Blog


We finally got a chance to meet Jon at a recent Scott Rod demo hosted by our mutual pals at Puget Sound Fly Company. Hailing from the PNW we can't help but be fond of his blog but we think you'll also appreciate his content, style and vibe.   Check it out  LINK

I wonder if this would work with Asian Carp?


Vietnamese catfish processor and exporter Agifish plans to turn catfish fat into fuel to run diesel engines, a company official said on Monday. VIA Reuters  LINK

July 24, 2006

Fisherman speared by blue marlin off Bermuda


No such thing as a bad day of fishing?

Card and his father, Alan, both operators of a charter fishing boat and experienced marlin fishermen, had just hooked the fish Saturday when it suddenly leapt out of the water, impaled Ian Card just below his collar bone and knocked him into the ocean. VIA CNN  LINK

Remember the good old days of fly fishing?


The wicker creels, the cane rods, the topless women. 


Blogs and Fly Fishing


A very interesting exchange between Patrick Dodd of Shadowbox Studios and the owner of Headwaters Bamboo Rod Company about how he should utilize blogging as a community marketing and sales tool. LINK

Sometimes it doesn't pay to catch and release


Revils threw a potential $25,000 back into the Red River on Saturday during the Media Bass Tournament out of Clark's Marina. LINK

Tempus Fugit


We can all relate to this story by Nick Mills

Orvis's latest fly fishing catalog arrived this week.  Orvis Orvis.com is a great outfitter with a wide selection of top-flight stuff, and I always put their catalogs in the bathroom magazine rack for close study, but I was blindsided by the bright red banner across the bottom of the cover, which shows an angler dragging a driftboat over a shallow riffle. The words on the banner read: END OF SEASON SALE.
VIA Maine Today  LINK

Kill a laker, save a cutthroat


Some believe it is their license-given right to keep a limit, which it is, of course. Others feel like it is blasphemy to kill a fish - fly fishers and bass anglers fit well in this category.

There is, however, at least one case, in which keeping fish truly is a matter of life or death.

ViA The Salt Lake Trib  LINK

Weight Watchers


I've never seen a scientific survey on the topic, but in my circle of acquaintances, a trait of the anti-weight crowd has jumped out at me. Many of them have the opportunity to fish daily if they want. In short, those folks damning weight are teachers on vacation, retired or flat-out unemployed - that sort of setup.  VIA The Kennebec Journal  LINK

Monday's Fish Quote


The only thing bad about winning the pennant is that you have to manage the All-Star Game the next year. I'd rather go fishing for three years. - Whitey Herzog

July 23, 2006

More Gender Bending Fish News


A third of male fish in English rivers are changing sex due to 'gender-bending' pollution, alarming research shows.
VIA The Daily Mail  LINK

Something's fishy


More than 580 dead bass have been found this week in La Crosse-area river waters, only days after a major fishing tournament was held in the region, a Department of Natural Resources employee reported.
VIA The La Cross Tribune  LINK

Cue the new age music



Thigh-deep in the swift water, he whips his shimmering line in slow graceful curves. His lure (a finely tied bit of deer hair, filament and hook) skips and dances on the surface of the water -- both lure and motion intended to mimic the very insects that dance in the sunlight.  VIA The Pilot  LINK

July 21, 2006

Fishing Dog


VIA A Welsh View   LINK

Not So Sexy Loops



July 20, 2006

Lobbying at the Kenai River Classic


Alaska's other U.S. senator, Ted Stevens, and Gov. Frank Murkowski co-hosted this year's event. It drew about 200 people, many of them lobbyists and executives from major U.S. industries.

Others senators attending this year were Kit Bond of Missouri, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Larry Craig of Idaho, Michael Enzi of Wyoming, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Pat Roberts of Kansas and John Sununu of New Hampshire. All are Republicans. 

All voted to drill in A.N.W.R.

Check out the 2005 sponsor list  LINK

So who exactly shelled out the 4K donation fee for each senator to attend?  LINK

UPDATE: The VP of BP caught the largest fish.  LINK

Redbone Art Gallery


The art gallery section of the Redbone Journal and Tournament web site.  LINK

Richard Bryant Gamefish Art


Welcome sportfishing fanatics, avid fishermen, and everyone else who is looking for high quality, original prints of popular gamefish.  LINK

GoldenFly Collectibles


A collector's item for the angler who has everything! Each GoldenFly is crafted on a solid 14 karat gold hand-made hook. The patterns are true representations of Classic North American and European Fly designs, and each is meticulously hand-tied by a Master Fly Tier, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.  LINK

July 19, 2006

Texas Man Catches Fish With Human-Like Teeth


A search for what the fish may be suggested that it may be a pacu, which is found in South America. LINK

And you thought "Wooly Bugger" was a funny name


Still, notwithstanding the British pedigree and effectiveness, it is simply beneath my dignity to fish with anything called a Flaming Boobie.
VIA Reports from Poisonville  LINK

Is it time to ban commercial striper fishing?


There is also no question that the economic value of commercially caught stripers is nowhere near the value of stripers caught recreationally.
  VIA The Examiner  LINK

Hannah and Her Salmon


Hannah Phelps has landed her first salmom!

Can't Beat Em?


And one way to control the population can be phrased this way: "If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em."  Via NPR  LINK

July 18, 2006

Conservationists Fight to Save Cutthroat


Twice a week, Brock Richardson of Salt Lake City drives to Strawberry Reservoir with a turkey baster, hoping to save 10,000 cutthroat trout eggs from smothering.  VIA The Daily Herald  LINK

Farm Fresh


Consumer Reports, in its current issue, said that an analysis of 23 "wild" salmon filets purchased at a mix of chain supermarkets, small fish stores and wholesalers during the off-season -- November, December and March -- found that only 10 were definitely caught in the Great Outdoors.
  VIA The Sun Sentinel LINK

Olsen Getting it Done in Alaska


Henry's Private Reserve Ad


Just came across this in the latest issue of Outside magazine.


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