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June 30, 2006

Impress your tweed bag friends.


Gawd Thurston! Is that a first edition of Fly Fishing by Sir Edward Grey?

The Flyfisher’s Classic Library produce facsimile copies of some of the greatest books on flyfishing of all times written by famous angling authors such as Arthur Ransome, Harry Plunket Greene, Frederic Halford and G E M Skues. Produced to the highest standards, our books are quarter or fully bound in leather with marbled or coloured endpapers, head and tail bands, silk marker ribbons and slipcases. 

The Paul and Mary Ford Fly Fishing Collection


The focus of the Paul and Mary Ann Ford Fly Fishing Collection is American works about fly fishing in America that are of fine quality in both physical presentation and content. The collection's current emphasis is on the spiritual, sociological, and aesthetic aspects of fly fishing. In addition to books, the collection includes magazines, paintings, prints, sculpture, and needlework. The Fords began transferring the collection to Western Libraries Special Collections in late 2003. It will be transferred in stages and will include newly published works of distinction selected by the Fords. 

Nestles Makes the Very Best?


In 2003 the sale of McCloud's water to the Swiss multinational, Nestlé, was approved by the McCloud Community Service District's board of directors. There was little or no effort made by Nestle or the District to gain community approval for this sale or take community input on the contract. The McCloud Watershed Council's objective is to encourage continued public debate about this decision and to clearly communicate the wishes of McCloud to the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors and the McCloud Service District board.  LINK

In March of this year a judge bitch slapped the McCloud Community Services District.  LINK

June 29, 2006

Denver Bryan Fly Fishing Images



Endangered Fish Art


They also do commissioned work.

Believe it or not, we actually take a fish (usually deceased), paint the fish with acrylics to closely match the natural colors and then press it on a big sheet of paper.  LINK

Yooo Hooo Mr. Bass!


Fishermen know sound and vibration are important elements in fishing lures. Biosonix Systems has taken this concept to a new level with their BSX Fish Activator. The BSX unit allows fishermen to playback signature sound patterns of distressed prey species and attacking predator fish through a patented underwater speaker

June 28, 2006

New Rules


Don't ever hire a guide who brings a tablecloth for meals.

Where did this recipe come from? I developed the salmon spread because, for me, the hardest part of my business is the lunches, coming up with nice meals. I carry a tablecloth out with me.  LINK

Now I've Seen Everything


Duuude you're poaching my hole.

VIA Washington Fly Fishing  LINK

Val Atkinson Fly Fishing Photography


Beautiful work!


I don't need to show you any stinkin basses!


Fly fishing for trophy bass on Lake El Salto in the Sierra Madre.

To twist a pivotal passage from a favorite movie, Largemouth bass are a very devilish sort of thing. You start out, you want a 20 pounder. After days of sweating yourself dizzy you finally come down to 15 pounds, then 10. Finally you say, “Lord, just let me land a couple of eight pounders and I’ll never ask for anything more the rest of my life.” 
VIA Grays Sporting Journal

North Dakota Fishing Report


I suppose that's you partners leg dere in the Pirahna's mouth?  LINK

Beer for Dogs?


Clooney would kick my ass if I served him non-alcoholic beer.  LINK

June 27, 2006

Evinrude Commercial #2


The one you did not see on T.V.

Evinrude Commercial

The Ecological Angler


A sweet site!

It's less about how to cast further, or increasing the number of fish landed, and more about increasing the angler's knowledge of the species, the environment he inhabits, and what he likes to eat (real or inmitated). That's the goal of this site. 

Sidebar link has been added.

The Effects of Catch and Release


On Alagnak river rainbows. LINK

Pahhhk Your Rod In Hahhhvad Yaaahhhd


The Harvard Fly Fishing Club is a meeting ground for undergraduates who live in a place barren of fishing outlets. When tying flies isn't enough, and skimming the pictures of the over advertised Fly magazine only makes your casting hand twitch more, the HFFC is there for you. 

Nordic Way Tube Flys


Velcome to the vorld of tube flies.  LINK

June 26, 2006

Hatches Magazine


Can't believe I just came across Hatches given the quantity and quality of the content on their site. They also take submissions for all you aspiring writers out there.

Hatches Magazine was launched at the beginning of this year in its current format and in a short amount of time the website has gained in popularity. So far the website has been a BIG success and we are averaging over 50,000 article views every month, and we fully expect to grow our readership with each new issue. 

Fishing Cat!

Yeah right!

Monday's Fishing Quote


I only make movies to finance my fishing - Lee Marvin

June 23, 2006

Dancing with the Devil


The TWO FLY is not a professional contest; while competition is a part of the contest, the objectives are to enjoy a truly remarkable fishery, interact informally with your peers in the oil and gas industry and raise money for deserving Wyoming charities.  LINK

Meanwhile in the Powder River Basin.

Coalbed methane development in the Powder River Basin of northeast Wyoming is transforming a mixed prairie landscape ranging from rolling hills with red scoria outcrops to deep-cut draws and craggy breaks into an energy development industrial zone.

Hawaii Kayak Fishing

Getting it done in paradise!

Be sure to also hit the links to Screamin Reels Video and Hawaii Fish Tales.  LINK

Mahalo to Richard for the comment and the link!

Over 156,000 Sold!


Amazingly simple, extremely useful, the leather fast draw rod holster is like a non-fishing friend, ready to hold your rod whenever your hands are needed to do something else - like retying or changing lures. It is to the fisherman as the hammer holster is to the carpenter

June 22, 2006

Increase Your Insect I.Q.


Yesterday's report, what worked last season and the local killer fly. All great pieces of information, but you need one more piece to complete the picture: knowledge of insects active in the water right then, right there.  LINK

Twist of Lemon Fly


A lake has been transformed from freshwater to 30 per cent vodka after a leak from a nearby distillery.  LINK

Western Sport Fishing


Another great site from north of the border.

Western Sportfishing is a dedication to the sport of fly fishing, and all that western Canada has to offer. 
We formed the first Western Sportfishing site in 2000 just for the hell of it, and now we have expanded (and hopefully improved) on what we started with

June 21, 2006

Chum Slide


In addition to the Chum slide, Tom Jay has a number of impressive installations here in the Pacific Northwest. LINK

Clooney Speaks


The fish are over there dip shit.

June 20, 2006

Transformation of a Salmon Fly


Coming soon to a river near you?

VIA Westfly  LINK

FFR Conservation Blog

Courtesy of Ted Williams.   LINK

Sleeps with the fishes


It can get awfully lonely on a long fishing trip.

June 19, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?


Not long ago, bringing your cell phone and jabbering away at a fishing hole was tantamount to farting at a funeral. 
ViA  The Anchorage Daily News  LINK

Montana Riverboats


Plans, bueprints, driftboat building fourm and more. LINK

Monday's Fish Quote


I want to go fishing and catch a fishstick. That would be the ultimate convenience. I could easily get a job working for Mrs. Paul's. - Mitch Hedberg

June 16, 2006

Salmon Snatchery


In one night, an entire fishing season was gone.  LINK

The COPper Salmon


After last year's destruction and theft of the Wild Salmon on Parade public art, police this year decided to set a trap in Town Square.  LINK

Maybe they should be called the "Satan Squad"


A presidentially appointed panel nicknamed the 'God Squad' has recommended that Idaho's run of endangered sockeye salmon to central Idaho's Redfish Lake be allowed to go extinctLINK

June 15, 2006

The Fly Fish List


The Flyfish list is a worldwide discussion group with flyfishing as the topic. It is called a list because it is simply a mailing list. The messages that form the discussion are sent as electronic mail (email) to everyone on the mailing list. If you subscribe to Flyfish, your name and computer address will simply be added to the mailing list and you will automatically receive electronic mail messages about flyfishing.   LINK

History of the list.  LINK

Anglers search silly for almost gone putty


When the man who developed Shape-A-Wate died suddenly he took the secret formula to his grave.

If you still have a little rope or scraps of Shape-A-Wate in your fishing kit, hide it and use it sparingly. Or frame it. The supply has dried up and that person leering across the river might resort to desperate measures to obtain some.  LINK

Carpe Carprio


Seize the carp!   LINK

June 14, 2006

Everybody Loves The Drake


The 2006 issue is on newsstands now! The Drake web site has also had a facelift.  LINK

Sturtevants Fly Fishing Blog


This came in over the network last night from our friends in Idaho.

Sturtevants Mountain Outfitters has launched a new fly fishing blog that allows registered users to post content. A new link has also been added to our sidebar.

This blog has been set up for all you guides, fishermen and women, to exchange information about river conditions, guide trips, upcoming events, equipment for sale, post photos . . . anything to do with fly fishing in and around the Wood River Valley.  LINK

Fly Fishing for Science


The Fly Fishing for Science program at Yellowstone National Park is accepting volunteers to help fisheries officials conduct research in the world's first national park. Volunteers get into Yellowstone free and are provided a campsite or dorm room during their stay. The program is headed by Timothy Bywater. Contact him at 307-242-2422 or by e-mail at Tim Bywater@nps.gov for more information.

Firehouse Fish Fry Fundraiser Causes Fire


New fish fry planned to raise funds to repair damges. LINK

N.H. family reunited with fish after flood


Cats and dogs who wander from home get reunited with their owners all the time. But fish?  LINK

June 13, 2006

The Fly Girls


Are the Sisters of the Angle really ready for a super-sized version of all this chicanery and subterfuge, something actually called a "competition"?

Fly Craft Angling


Another useful site from north of the border.

Hello, my name is Philip Rowley and I would like to personally welcome you to my web site. Browsing through these pages you will find tips regarding strategies and tactics, fly tying, entomology, upcoming events and many other points of interest. For those interested in further education on this fascinating sport I encourage you to become a member of Fly Craft Angling. 


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