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May 31, 2006



It’s a hoot: Alberta fly fishers, like mutts in a flea-infested dog pound, scratching and thumping and muttering the name of a different insect over and over again, “Skwala… Skwala”….  LINK

Ask About Fly Fishing


Fly fishing experts tell their secrets live!  LINK

Santa Barbara Steelhead Sighting


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) - A steelhead trout has been spotted in Mission Creek, rekindling hope among some that the federally endangered fish might one day prosper in area streams and riverbeds.

The 18-inch-long steelhead was spotted Friday surrounded by several younger steelhead, each about 6 to 8 inches long.

Steelhead live their adult lives in the ocean, but return to the freshwater streams they were born in to spawn. Steelhead were once plentiful in Mission Creek, but their numbers have sunk rapidly in the last several decades.

Two concrete flood control projects built in 1934 and 1961 make it difficult for steelhead to migrate to and from the ocean.

Several groups are working on the Mission Creek Steelhead Restoration Project, which would cost between $3 million and $4 million and would need city, state and federal approval.


May 30, 2006

Get the Net!


The Crazed Fly Fisherman's Catalog by Jack Ohman.

The author of the best-selling Fear of Fly Fishing and Fishing Bass Ackwards strikes again with a no-holds-barred look at the techno-madness of modern fly fishing and gadgetry equipment.  LINK

Fish Taco Chronicles


Mmmmmm Fish Taco.

Fish Taco Chronicles is a quarterly print magazine that has been publishing since 1995. Co-founders Shawn Arnold and Leonard Davenport started the little “rag” more or less as a hobby. A way to go fishing and tell their wives they were working.


The Great Debate


One from the archives of the LA Times.

People who don't fish can't possibly grasp the depth of the divide separating the two species of trout anglers. One tries to entice trout with worms, florescent Power Bait or sparkly lures. The other casts bits of fur and thread tied into patterns that imitate insects — a.k.a. "flies." Stupid? Perhaps. But beneath the surface of that confrontation are even stupider matters of aesthetics, conscience and class.   LINK

May 26, 2006

Ozark Chronicles - Fish Hard Fish Often


Just might have to plan an annual trip to visit the in-laws back in Missouri.

This site is a compilation of resources for the Ozark Fly Fisherman and is an attempt to chronicle my pursuit to trout bum happiness. Whether you are looking for stream information, fishing reports, or looking to book a guided fishing trip in the Ozarks, my hope is that you will find it on OC.com. Here is to tight loops, good mends, and screaming reels -- perhaps we will cross on the stream.  LINK

Paul Hawthorn Contemporary Art

Friday fish gallery goodness.  LINK

May 25, 2006

Entertain the Kids!


Hatchery trout for Batten Kill


My gawd Thurston, they're going to be putting rainbows in our beloved Kill.

A battle may be brewing among local fisherman over stocking the Batten Kill, pitting those who value the river's wild status against those who prefer to catch and keep fish

Location X


This fall Howard Films is releasing a follow up to Chasing Silver.

We blindfold world class anglers.
Fly them in.
Drive them to the water.
And share shocking footage of giant tarpon swimming at the boat in clear water - daring us to cast a fly.

The location will not be revealed out of respect for the fishery, but we will show you every sparkling detail.

Global warming worries hunters, anglers


I found this story timely given this week's release of An Inconvenient Truth.

 Watch the trailer here. LINK

About half of America's hunters and anglers -- including many who said they voted for President Bush in 2004 -- told pollsters they are witnessing firsthand, in the outdoors, the effects of some form of climate change, according to the results of a nationwide survey of sportsmen released Tuesday by the National Wildlife Federation, an environmental group based in Washington, D.C. 

Custom Fly Fishing Landing Nets


Joseph Lenchner is a woodworker who makes both practical and decorative art fly fishing nets.

Prices start at $100.00 for the more functional type of fly fishing catch and release nets, and can easily exceed $300.00 for the more decorative fly fishing art styles, depending upon woods used, and detailing such as  inlay, carving, personalizing with monogramming or engraving, types of lanyard and lacing materials, netting style, and type of finish etc… 

James Acord's Leather


Custom and collectible functional art for the fly fisherman and bird hunter.

May 24, 2006

Steelhead Red


The 2004 Quivira Steelhead Red is the best in a long while. A blend, in order of percentages, of grenache, zinfandel, syrah and mourvèdre, it's a very well-balanced red wine with spice and pepper and undertones of raspberry. I think the technical term for this wine is "yummy."

The Adventure Fly Fishing Company Vest/Jacket


MacGyver unavailable for comment.

Site will only let me link to their entry page, you'll have to navigate to their product section to check out the vest/jacket. A bunch of other content on the site worth checking out but some is still under construction. LINK

Super Fishing



May 23, 2006

Wal-Mart Announces Half Million Dollar 'Acres for America' Grant to Trout Unlimited


The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT - News) today announced a $500,000 Acres for America capstone grant to Trout Unlimited that will help protect more than 28,000 acres of working forestlands and important wildlife and fish habitat near the growing communities of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Spokane, Washington. 

What's going at Walmart? This is just one in a series of positive environmental announcements coming out of the retail giant. LINK

A Stradivarius of a boat


The grace of an Adirondack guideboat gliding across pristine waters is, for many, the most sublime response we can offer to the beauty of nature.

These guys also make a Vermont Fishing Dory which I believe will also be available soon through Orvis.  LINK

Where To Find 10 Fly Fishing Tips In A Single Paragraph


Within these two excerpts (taken from George LaBranche's, Dry Fly and Fast Water) there are no less than 20 fishing tips; at least 10 in each paragraph! 
VIA The Fishing Notebook  LINK

May 22, 2006

DNR working on 'coasters'


Restoration of a "coaster" brook trout fishery on the Wisconsin shores of Lake Superior will not be as easy, or quick, as anglers might prefer. 

Backwater Hawgs


BACKWATER HAWGS is the story of a bunch of guys who are obsessed with Texas fishing and the great Texas outdoors. The intent of this site is to share our stories, knowledge (or lack of knowledge) about a variety of fishing opportunities in Texas.

Flyfish Alaska Video Clips and Galleries


A collection of home videos and photos taken by clients and guides on Flyfish Alaska trips.  LINK

Women in Waders



May 19, 2006

Attention Fish Heads


fish heads fish heads
roly poly fishheads


Orvis Customers Round Up Big Money for Conservation


Despite the fact that we like to poke fun at our grandfather's brand we applaud efforts like these.

It seems hard to imagine a scenario where a customer would voluntarily pay more for their purchase, but on the Orvis Company's website, it happens all the time. Through a program called ROUND UP FOR CONSERVATION, this 150-year-old company is helping its customers give to worthy environmental causes by rounding up the amount of their purchase.   

May 18, 2006

Ass Hooked Whitey


We're not worthy, we're not worthy!  LINK

A.H.Whitey is a tasty new blog that was recently spotlighted by Fishing Jones, sidebar link has been activated.

Gaaaaar....Hey Dude!


Monster Master "Buck Medley" Bow Hunting on the Frio River located in the Hill Country of South Texas. Watch as Buck hunts alligator gar.  LINK

Diane Michelin Fly Fishing Art


Welcome to Fly Fishing Fine Art, including original paintings, limited edition prints and commissions in fly fishing and angling themes, by Canadian watercolor artist Diane Michelin. 

Heading to B.C.?


Use Fish Wizard to create maps, view reports and find the most recent information about British Columbia's lakes, rivers and streams.  The mapping tool has been enhanced to provide the angler with more information on their favorite fishing locations.  LINK

May 17, 2006

A Treasured Possession and Exceptional Fishing Tool


Chuck McGuire profiles his bond with his most prized possession, a J.E. Arguello "cane" fly rod.

In this materialistic society of self-indulgence and uncommon wealth, each of us has our own individual treasure. For some, it may be a large and lavish home, or high-priced automobile. For others, it’s an extraordinary work of art, or a collection of rare antiquities. Still others may cherish something as simple as an odd-shaped and colorful stone, or a prized doll passed down from a loved one. For me, it is a custom-built split-bamboo fishing tool ― a one-of-a-kind, unmatched anywhere in the world.   
VIA New West  LINK

Tail Knott'r


It slices, it dices.......

Introducing a revolutionary NEW knot tying tool (for right or left handed anglers) and a patented knot.  LINK



Yep,`General Sherman'. They say he's five hundred pounds of bottom-dwelling fury, don't you know. No one knows how old he is, but if you ask me (and most people do), he's hundred years if he's a day.

And uh no one's ever caught him?

Well, one fella came close.Went by the name of Homer.  Seven feet tall he was, with arms like tree trunks.  His eyes were like steel, cold, hard. Had a shock of hair, red like the fires of Hell.


May 16, 2006

I did not have sex with that fish

The Dead Fisherman's Grotto


The Dead Fisherman's Grotto can be found northeast of Mossy Rocks Cove in the Adanian Sea at the Cliffs of Alonnog. Named for the warning given by fishermen that any who venture within will soon lose life and limb, it is considered a place of evil and many superstitions surround it, including the tale of the pirate Lyeael'k the Crimson Berserker and his ship, the "Tempest".   

EJ's Fly Fishing Sculptures


Both full size and miniatures are available, you can check out the full offering by accessing the main home page from the bottom of this  LINK

Philly Fish Guys


Some impressive Philly Carpsteaks in their gallery.

Fishguys.org is a site dedicated to responsible angling in the greater Philadelphia area and connecting local anglers. LINK

May 15, 2006

Schmidt's Walkabouts


Steve Schmidt of Western Rivers Flyfisher in Salt Lake has launched a new blog, welcome him to the community by giving it a read and posting some comments. We've added a sidebar link for your convenience.

Actually “Walkabouts” for me came from Jimmy Buffets book “Tales of Margarita Ville.” Tully Mars and his Walkabouts played a major role in those writings as a wandering soul escaping from the absurdity of the Pink Poodle Ranch Later. Later I learned of the Australian origins of the term Walkabout. Since then I've always felt that Walkabouts fit nicely into the world of fly fishing. LINK

@ Streamside


In addition to an on-line gallery featuring his beautiful work, Stuart Helmintoller's website also has some great reading. Click on the features and journal tabs after you've finished browsing the gallery.

Watercolors, rushing streams, and the art of angling.  LINK

The Art of Fly Fishing


Check out these beautiful hi res images of Ephemera Danica (Green Drake) by Lars Viberg. LINK

Steelhead Attempt Great Escape


Hold on to yourself, Bartlett. You're twenty feet short.

About 60 adult steelhead escaped last week from a hatchery pen into the bowels of the hatchery’s water system. The fish slipped through a loose stop-log at the pen, then up through a series of pipes and even a partially closed valve. LINK

Rods and Wheels


ESPN has a new fly fishing show teed up for July. 

Nolan, owner of Brookside Guides in Asheville, was chosen to be part of an ESPN Outdoors series to be called “Rods and Wheels,” where two men — who started as strangers — ride across the Southeast on their motorcycles, fishing some of the area’s best fishing holes.   LINK

Huey Lewis in the News


Montana's law allowing public access to rivers and streams does not apply to a Bitterroot Valley slough that runs through the property of 1980s rocker Huey Lewis, because the waterway is not a natural stream, a state judge has ruled.

May 12, 2006

Fish with Bish


Back in November we posted a link to Tony Bishop's web site but forgot to put up a sidebar link to his great site. In case you missed it last time here's another link for your reading pleasure, the sidebar link to his blog will go up momentarily.  LINK

Fish Drags Man To Death


Gabor Komlosy was dragged into a river when he refused to let go of the line.  LINK

Bush Fish


Do you believe President Bush is doing The Lord's work?  LINK

Strange sagas earn anglers awards in fish tale contest


It's time for the first Weird Angling Awards, and a lot of folks shared stories that would have given Rod Serling chills -- or laughs.
  VIA The Olympian  LINK

Fishing the Flats at the Crack of Dawn


Who wears this shit?  LINK


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