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April 29, 2006

The Human Wooly Bugger


Sixty-six-year-old Sam Crutchfield of Fort Pierce was attacked by an alligator while fly fishing on Lake Istokpoga Monday afternoon. The alligator, which is believed to be at least 10 feet long, grabbed Mr. Crutchfield by the hip as he stood in 41-inch deep water.   LINK

April 28, 2006

Girl Gone Fly Fishing


More fly fishing search results, this time from You Tube. LINK

Fishing Wild Places


Any fishing site that features dedicated tabs for whiskey and cigars is all right in my book.

So....a lot of different subjects, and you might wonder what cigars and whisky have to do with fly fishing... Actually, nothing. It is just a personal view on things I like and enjoy and you do not have to click on the button if you don't want to!    LINK

April 27, 2006

Fly Fishing Hotspots


Lefty Kreh picks four fly fishing hot spots for that bastion of fly fishing journalism CNN Money, the Internet home of Fortune.

The article also plugs the Spring Ridge Club which is very appropriate because you'll need a Fortune to become a member. Lee over at Fly Fish Magazine called out the Spring Ridge Club in a post today.  LINK

American Rivers Announces "America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2006"


The America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2006 report highlights the emerging science of river restoration, which promotes cost-effective, natural solutions. This approach can make rivers safer for the people living near them, while also securing cleaner drinking water, providing better habitat for wildlife, and enhancing recreational opportunities. For more than two decades, American Rivers has called attention to the nation’s most endangered rivers.   

Jeff Stine Planet Wide Photography


Very nice! LINK

The Singing Dumb Ass Bass


VIA My Fishy Site  LINK

April 26, 2006

As My Mother Used to Say


It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

Launched in January, The CATCH Magnetic Hook Safety Shield is the first and only magnetic hook keeper on the market that completely encloses the fish hook's point and barb while carrying or transporting your rod. Using a nickel-coated high-strength Neodymium magnet - a rare earth magnet that's one of the strongest in the world - the UV-resistant CATCH connects to your rod with neoprene O-rings and holds a 22 midge up to a size 1 hook.

Tellico River


Another video post from the Google Vault.


Itinerant Angler Podcasts and Video


Zach Matthews, writer, editor, photographer and main man at the Itinerant Angler has added podcasting and video to the portfolio. LINK

7th Annual Northern California Benefit Gala And Auction


Bid on a wide array of fly-fishing gear, premium wines, exciting trips and unique art amid the splendor of San Francisco's Four Season's Hotel as we celebrate 35 years of conservation. This benefit is a crucial fundraiser for our conservation efforts and a great opportunity for supporters to meet each other and CalTrout staff. 

April 25, 2006

Winter Steelheading



The first in a series of posts linking to fly fishing videos found in the vault at Google Video.  LINK

The World's Greatest Fishing Cap!


We just received our very own limited edition C.M. Wiggle Bait Co. Miracle Fishing Hat and can't wait to put it to the test! (Especially the hair re-growth part)

In rigorous testing it has been found that people wearing this "Miracle Fishing Cap" while fishing, catch 36% more fish than the people fishing around them. Now this may seem to be an outlandish claim... but it absolutely proves to be true... time after time, on any body of water, in any conditions, with any type of tackle. This is nothing short of a "Miracle Fishing Cap". In a recent fishing hat test, men wearing the "Miracle Fishing Cap" experienced a significant increase in size. Doesn't every woman want her man to bring her home the bigger fish? This hat is so incredible, it may even  change your entire life for the better!! Another test subject reported the re-growth of hair on his bald spot. On close inspection I couldn't really tell, but if this man insists that the hat actually help re-grow some of his follicles, who am I to doubt his word? The "Miracle Fishing Cap" has also been seen to bring incredible results in many other situations as well...

Get yours today!  LINK

While your at it be sure to check out the rest of the C.M. Wiggle Bait web site and their beautiful fish entrapment devices. LINK



A tribute to Curtis Mayfield and a Free software program that allows you to keep track of fly patterns.

When I started fly-tying I looked around for good software to keep track of fly patterns. There were a few but none were very Eli-friendly, most had limited features, and all cost money. So over an all-you-can-eat fish & chips dinner, my buddy Doug and I came up with everything we'd like to see in a fly-fishing / fly-tying computer package. I went home and got to work and about 36 hours later called up Doug to say it was done. Since then I've added a few features but it's essentially the same fly pattern, insect, hatch, water body, people database that it was on January 15, 1996. Five years later it's still the best software I've seen of its kind and it's still free. I hope you agree.


Solunar Table Calculator


Sensei, Acorn and Chumly will never again be unprepared for a full course meal of Bobberganoush. LINK

April 24, 2006

Okie Noodling.......The Documentary


There's nothing quite like the thrill of catching a 60 pound catfish with your bare hands. 

Fly Times


Welcome to flytimes; a look into my life of angling. Rainbows, browns, cutts, Dolly Varden and bull trout, carp, salmon and steelhead. Please visit flytimes often and enjoy my flyfishing stories, reports, photos and musings.  LINK

Fish Naked!


Almost naked women fishing!  LINK

The cap says it all.  LINK

April 21, 2006

Rereational Fishing Podcast


Hosts Scott and Mario will guide you through (a) feature fishing stories with industry leaders and professional anglers; (b) information about fishing destinations; (c) Recreational Fishing Report with Perry Green; (d) and fishing product information told by the people that make your favorite gear. 

On the Fly

For on the wall.  LINK

April 20, 2006

Atlantic Salt Water Fly Rodders


Some GREAT content including some very useful and entertaining multimedia. The False Albie and Striper blitz clips will give you goosebumps.  LINK

Spinney's opening is marked by glee and gales


This one is for you Sheahan

The agony and the ecstasy that is Spinney Rez!
VIA Rocky Mountain News  LINK

Beeramundi: Saving the Reef one beer at a time


Townsville’s beer lovers will soon be able to help save the Reef while they’re at the bar, by diving into a new brew called Beeramundi. The new beer was named as part of a competition held in partnership between Reef Check Australia and the Townsville Brewing Company. 

April 19, 2006

The Backpacking Fly Fisherman


Ryan Jordon from Backpacking Light weighs in on backcountry fly fishing. Ryan's site is a wealth of information on light weight backcountry travel but you'll have to subscribe to access most of the content.

But what to do if your backcountry fly fishing trek demands a full load of long distance hiking and camping gear, and you want to maintain an ultralight ethic - and pack?  LINK

Field and Stream Conservation Columnists Take the Administration to the Woodshed

I am still dumbfounded at the support this administration gets from my friends who are avid fisherman and wing shooters.

"Drilling the Wild" by Ted Kerasote - LINK

"You Call this a Wetland"? by Bob Marshall - LINK

Fly Fisher IMAX film


I first heard about this project at last years FFR show and it's been profiled in their media partners mags but this is the first I've seen their web site.

Fly Fisher is the first giant-screen film ever produced and distributed on the subject of fishing.

The heart of the project is the 3D feature documentary premiering in IMAX theaters worldwide in 2006. In addition, Fly Fisher will be distributed in digital theaters, DVD and HD-DVD, HD prime-time telecast, companion books and guides, events, exhibits, broadband internet and interactive activities, and other related information, services, entertainment, transactional/database marketing, and educational products and services.


April 18, 2006

You Spigotty Anglease?


The Finnegans Wake Society of New York is pleased to number among its members Robert H. Boyle, the founder of Riverkeeper and the Hudson River Foundation, and author of The Hudson River: A Natural and Unnatural History. 
He is also the originator of the theory that Finnegans Wake is actually about fly-fishing, or at least that this is an important subtext.  He has given a paper to the Joyce Society on this subject, and recently had a piece, below, in the New York Times Book Review which detailed his unusual, but perhaps surprisingly convincing, view -- especially to fellow anglers. 

Blue Grass on the Fly


CHASIN’ STEEL is a slang term for Steelhead fishing, and as the band members are avid steelhead fishermen, they decided to have their name reference this. Thus, blending two of their favorite pastimes; fishing and bluegrass music.


Monkey Fishing


Monkey fishing, in Forman's usage of the term, was not a slang expression for some untraditional method of fishing for fish. Forman meant exactly what he said. He went fishing for monkeys.

April 17, 2006

New Trout Species Discovered!


From Ralph and Lisa Cutter's California School of Fly Fishing comes this amazing news.

About 3 weeks ago, deep in a hidden canyon of Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains, we discovered what is likely the one and only creek that harbors a new species of trout. . . the Conchos Trout. Maybe 100,000 years ago it became isolated in this east slope drainage and evolved into a unique trout. . . the only native Mexican trout to inhabit an Atlantic watershed. See its picture and read the white paper here.   LINK

My Nephew Came "Out of the Closet" Yesterday


By F. Cole - VIA Barflyfish

What seemed like an hour later ended with a 15 inch trout being landed, caught on a hand tied "Dirt Dauber" and the boy is now ruined. I don't think rehabilitation will work at this point. He is now a "Fly Fisherman". And you know the old saying, build a hundred bridges and nobody calls you a bridge builder, but catch one fish on a fly-rod, and everyone calls you a .........   LINK

Fishing Tatts


A gallery of fishing and hunting tattoos brought to you by Outdoor Life. LINK

April 16, 2006

Spotlight on ‘The River Why'

Me and DJD hold a pic of our pal Sheahan with a Beavis and Butthead rainbow.

The downside of being the author of a modern classic is that it keeps trying to pull you away from your writing desk. In the two decades since David James Duncan’s "The River Why" was published, he’s lost track of how many hundreds of times he’s left home to give talks about it.

"I’ve tried to pull back," Duncan says. "I have 1,500 pages of fiction in four boxes, three novels and some novellas. I like ‘em all. It’s time to finish them."


My Three Sons Wins Wal-Mart FLW Kingfish Tour Event in Sarasota


Uncle Charley unavailable for comment LINK

April 14, 2006

The Instant Fisherman!


This makes the Popeil Pocket Fisherman yesterday's news.


Know thy Tarpon


Most tarpon are caught by anglers using live bait such as shrimp, mullet, crabs and pinfish, but lots of anglers come to the Keys to try to catch a tarpon on a fly rod. Few fly-rodders are as good at catching tarpon as Andy Mill of Boca Raton, Fla. 

Uncovering Sex-Change Secrets Of The Black Sea Bass


Black sea bass feature prominently on many menus, but wild populations of the fish are in decline and their availability is limited. Because of the high demand, they’re a good candidate for aquaculture on the east coast. Except, that is, for one problem: they have a tendency to change sex unpredictably in captivity. 

April 13, 2006

Jack Nicklaus Agrees To Join The Federation Of Fly Fishers As A National Spokesperson


Think there will be a few golf tips flying around at the next FFF board meeting?

Jack Nicklaus has agreed to be a national spokesperson on behalf of the Federation of Fly Fishers, as well as to become Honorary Chairman of the FFF Presidents Club. The members of this charitable arm of the FFF represent those truly dedicated individuals and organizations that have made a 10-year financial commitment to support the mission of the FFF. Mr. Nicklaus is the first to be honored with this position. In addition, he has agreed to become a member of the FFF Board of DirectorsLINK

Bait the hook well: this fish will bite.


We were turned on to this classic Patrick O'Grady rant via our friends at The Trout Underground. As a former bike racer and industry rep I've been an O'Grady fan for years and fly fishing replaced riding my bike as my favorite pastime. If you missed last Sunday's OLN coverage of the Paris/Roubaix bike race you missed one of sports greatest annual spectacles.

Frankly, if you like fishing enough to watch it on TV, you should probably be outside doing it instead of sprawling on the couch, with your ass inflating like a hot-air balloon. This would free up some space on the airwaves for actual sports, like bicycle racing. 

Collected Quotes On Fly Rods


"buying a fly rod in the average city store, that is, joining it up and safely waggling it a bit, is much like seeing a woman's arm protruding from a car window: all one can readily be sure of is that the window is open."
from Anatomy of a Fisherman by Robert Traver (1964- McGraw-Hill)

VIA Overmywaders LINK

Fly Fish Radio Videos


Fly Fish Radio is offering a couple of test videos you can watch on their site or download to your video iPod. LINK

April 12, 2006

Bloody Hell!


Britain's environment watchdog faces a large fine after a fly fisherman successfully prosecuted it for polluting a river.

Good News and Bad News from the Fox River


The Good News - You can eat the tumors and lesions!
A state biologist says tumors and lesions that fishermen are seeing on fish pulled from the Fox River are harmless to humans.

The Bad News - You can't eat the fish!
Still, the DNR advises people against eating fish from the Fox River, which is known to have levels of PCBs so high that it might take 40 years before its fish are safe to eat again.


Comarade I Blew Up The Train


Russian fishermen accidentally blew up a train using dynamite they planned to use to help them catch fish.

April 11, 2006

Mako on the Fly!


Fly Fishing gone MAD!  LINK

Blue sharks up to four metres take the fly but it’s the spectacular fight from the 40kg mako that makes this fishing trip memorable.This is swoffing history as it happened!  LINK

Shaw joins renowned Pacific guide, Captain Conway Bowman in the hunt for mako sharks on fly. Airs 4/29/06  LINK

Royal Gorge Anglers Fly Fishing Blog

Smile Bill! You have a great site!

Includes audio reports!

Latest in fly fishing tips and news straight off the Arkansas River near Canon City, Colorado. Get river and fishing conditions right from the guides and folks fishing the river. 

When I lived in Colorado I used to get Bill's reports via e-mail.

David James Duncan's 'God Laughs & Plays'


DJD has a new book which is reviewed here by Allen M. Jones on the New West Network.

They don't make writers like David James Duncan anymore. A novelist (
TheBrothers K, The River Why) and essayist / fly-fisherman (My Story as Told by Water), screenwriter (the documentary Trout Grass), academic lecturer and environmental activist, the guy's been all over the map, a regular road show of impassioned curiosity. Unsurprisingly, then, his newest book, the wonderful God Laughs & Plays: Churchless Sermons in Response to the Preachments of the Fundamentalist Right (Triad, Books, $22.95), tends to resist comfortable categories. An important book, absolutely; a fierce and polarizing call to arms, you bet; a tender tribute to his cohorts in the fight, no question. But, really... what is it?    LINK

But how are they going to fit all the sponsors on the T-shirt?


Jax Kayak Fishing presents the 3rd Annual Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic, over 40K in prizes!   LINK


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