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January 31, 2006



Easy for you to say.

Everyone thought the humuhumunukunukuapuaa was Hawaii's state fish. As it turns out, the brightly colored fish with the excessively long name has been dethroned.  LINK

Puffer Fish vs Otter



January 30, 2006

Fishing for cheap salmon and sustainable capitalism


The High Cost of Low Price

Take salmon. Wal-Mart, which buys all its salmon from Chile, sells more than anyone else in the country and undersells all other retailers by at least $2 per pound. That's a lot of market power, which prompts Fishman to ask: "Does it matter that salmon for $4.84 a pound leaves a layer of toxic sludge on the ocean bottoms of the Pacific fjords of southern Chile?" LINK

Fish School


Train your pet fish to perform cool tricks!  LINK

January 27, 2006

Trout Trout He's My Lucky Trout


If only Picasso had been a fly-tying angler


I've wondered about this naming business from time to time. When you're a little kid, do you dream of a fly with your name, like a bridge or an opera? What if Pablo Picasso had been born in Livingston, Montana, to a fly-fishing clan — he could have left us with the Picasso midge cripple, instead of a world visually enriched beyond imagination.

VIA The Yakima Herald Republic  LINK

January 26, 2006

Tiny Fish Sets New Record


Caught on a size 10,000 midge pattern.

The smallest fish in the world has been found lurking in the peat wetlands of Southeast Asia, say scientists.


Swimming with Trout


Another fly fishing story ripped from the pages of Mountain Gazette.

Swimming with Trout - Chad Hansen

Emmett shook his head and said, “You’re not in Wisconsin anymore. It doesn’t work like that in Wyoming. Whoever posted these signs owns both banks and the riverbed too.”

“The riverbed too,” I wondered out loud, “How could that be?”


January 25, 2006

Kayaker Wrestles Large Sailfish


The man was videotaped wrestling with a large sailfish in an inflatable kayak a few weeks ago. Amateur video showed the man reeling the sailfish to the boat. At one point, he stopped using his fishing line and grabbed the fish with his hands.


Fisherman never lie!

But just in case

The nation's largest fishing organization, BASS, has reinstated the option of using lie-detector tests after a three-year absence, tournament director Trip Weldon told the Observer last week.


Monty Pythons Slapping Fish Dance

And now for something completely different


January 24, 2006

Cavier for Commoners

Carppromo1In addition to being the poor man's Bonefish the roe of the common Carp makes reasonably good cavier.

This good news builds on the fact that the various Sturgeon, the source of what is officially labeled "caviars," are rapidly being made extinct, primarily by excessive commercial harvesting and poaching. Anything to help shift market interest to a more sustainable alternative is helping to protect the Beluga and other endangered roe fish such as the Paddlefish.   

VIA Treehugger  LINK

Ice Fishing Shacks


For the last few years I have been working on a project photographing ice fishing shacks in the lakes region of Maine. These shacks illustrate the primal elements of shelter, food, warmth and an ongoing battle against the caprices of nature. They are entirely utilitarian in their purpose, using lightweight windproof materials such as foam insulation sheet metal, plastic or wood, yet put together in surprisingly ingenious ways, appearing as crude minimalist sculpture.  LINK 

January 23, 2006

Well you know you make me wanna......


For fly fishers and fly tyers and an overdue link on our sidebar. Not quite sure how we missed these guys as we data mined for quality fly fishing content. LINK

100,000 young steelhead trout found dead at Ukiah breeding facility


Cal biologists say this will set back recovery efforts.

About 100 adult steelhead and 100-thousand yearlings were found floating dead yesterday in the Coyote Valley Dam fish imprinting facility at Lake Mendocino  LINK

January 20, 2006

I figured it was one of the big ones!


Honey can I borrow one of your nails?


Click on images to enlarge

January 19, 2006

Steelheads Fish For Steelhead


What's better catching a big fish or a punch in the face? 

There ain't no fish!



January 18, 2006

A River Never Sleeps


Knowing a river intimately is a very large part of the joy of fly fishing."
This Web Site - An electronic river in the great ocean of the Internet - Is dedicated to those same principles

A River Never Sleeps...... an internet magazine for fly fishers  LINK

Angler makes light of weight record


Mark Everard, 47, an aquatic scientist, said: "It fought with Hemingway proportions, but I managed to land it safely after a few seconds." 

Break out the Burhka


Confirming the growing popularity of fly fishing with residents of the Persian Gulf, the sport is to become a permanent fixture at the award-winning Le Meridian Al Aqah beach resort with the opening of a designated school, it was announced today.

Warning: Clicking this link may initiate a NSA wiretap.


January 17, 2006

Ello Anglers!


Why e fishes for anything that swims.

At the Waters Edge, more fishy tales from Martin James on BBC Radio Lancashire.

Requires Real Player


Carp Zapper

Oh no
We gonna rock down to
Electric Avenue
And our electric bill will go higher

Congress has not appropriated money to pay the barrier's operating costs, which include an estimated monthly electric bill of 20 thousand dollars.


January 16, 2006

The Critics All Agree!


The Trout Bum Diaries is this year's must see film!

Two Thumbs Up! WAY UP! - Englebert and Humperdink

The Trout Bum Diaries is the Shit! - Hoo Flung Poo - Peking Daily News

I Laughed until I cried! - Leon Troutsky - Kansas City Star

This film has it ALL! - I. P. Freely - Yellow River Journal

Davey makes Pitt look like a wanker. - Jennifer Aniston

I haven't seen it yet. - Moldy Chum

Talked to Davey and my copy is in the mail but all the forum posts would suggest it was well worth the wait!

Buy It HERE!

Orvis Marks 150 Years in Fly Fishing Business


Fabulous Muffy! The new Zambezi Twill collection is now available in retro khaki.

Orvis is more than just fly fishing, it's table linens, home furnishings and quality dog products.


January 13, 2006

Floating the Beaverhead


On a wooden tub - By Michelle Murray

The third in our series of post's from the pages of Mountain Gazette.

Tony lives in Ramsey, Montana, outside Butte, as do a bunch of other big guys. Years ago, he introduced us to the Beaverhead Fork of the Jefferson River by floating us merrily-life-is-but-a-dream-style in a smelly old rubber raft. Since then, he’s bought an even older hand-hewn wooden dory, the “Rub-a-Dub-Tub.”


Char Bloom's Women's Fishing Gear


Char Bloom is also the mother of Jeremy Bloom, the odds on favorite to win Olympic gold in Torino in the mogul competition.

Whether you're a woman who wants to blend in with the great outdoors or stand out like the colors of the rainbow, this clothing is designed just for you.

January 12, 2006

Trout Don't Speak Latin


A cross reference of common fly names to taxonomic names. This is a compilation of sixteen hatch charts and various other sources.

VIA Nova Scotia Fly Fishing

January 11, 2006

Porgy and Bass


A whole slew of on-line flash cards covering all the usual targets of our angling exploits as well as a few other lesser known species.


January 10, 2006

Anything for Fishing!


Another video classic!  LINK

The Heart of Winter


The second in a series of posts from the pages of the Mountain Gazette.

The Heart of Winter - By Mac Griffith

The winter of 1986 was the coldest time I knew, and I only survived by standing in the Frying Pan River. I do not speak of statistics, although I was one. Somewhere there are dusty numbers describing temperature and snowfall for that brutal winter. These numbers, whatever they are, can give me no lie, for they, for me, were not the measure of that winter. I was becoming a divorce statistic, the first and only of my life, and life was cold.


January 09, 2006

Fishing WITH your wife!


Monday morning video goodness  LINK

FLY Fishing With Bread


I posted this last week but the link was broken so here it is one more time.


This week's big box news


Appears some of the hook and bullet super stores now have their eye on some down east real estate.

The news follows the acknowledgement about two months ago by state and town officials that Cabela's Inc., the largest U.S. retailer of outdoor goods, has been eyeing property in Scarborough. A move by either company into southern Maine would offer direct competition to local companies L.L. Bean and the Kittery Trading Post.


January 06, 2006

Bonefish Folly


No it's not another post about the Bahamian misadventures of EJ Bun.

People all over the world know him as "Bonefish Folley", the master bonefisher who has been one of this country’s most loved ambassadors.

Israel Rolle (AKA Mr Folly) recently received the British Empire Medal and has been nominated for a Cacique Award.

VIA The Bahama Journal

Photo Gallery of Macroinvertebrates of Northern California


Some tasty trout fare photos by Michelle Mahood

Up close and personal with trout fare including Caddis, Mayflies, Damselflies, Dragonflies, Stoneflies, Midges, and miscellaneous (scuds, leeches, water boatmen, and various other menu items of trout).


January 05, 2006

On Fishing and Love


The first in a series of posts from the pages of Mountain Gazette

On Fishing and Love by Kerry Brophy
For me, fly-fishing is tied like an overhand knot to love. It means casting out, reeling in, taking home or letting go. Through fishing I’ve come to terms with the love of a boy, the love of casting out in a wild place and the love for a father in poor health. 


This is your Fish

This is your fish on drugs

Our pharmaceutical drugs are turning up in the environment and in animals.

VIA Discover LINK

January 04, 2006

Beautiful Sea Run Brownie


Well-known local match angler Lee Carver, who has achieved tournament success both at home and abroad, hooked this extraordinary migratory fish scaling 23lb 6oz while pike fishing from the yacht station in the heart of Norwich.


The Fish Car Era of the National Hatchery System


Ever wonder how all those fish were originally transported for stocking?

Just 5 years after the transcontinental rail hook up the US Fish Commission (forerunner of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service) were transporting fish fry by rail to the West Coast in specially designed fish cars. The stripers that inhabit the Sacramento delta were originally transported from New Jersey in one of these early cars. By the early 1920s, fish cars had distributed 72,281,380,861 fish by traveling 2,029,416 miles and their detached messengers traveled an additional 8,104,799 miles.

History of the Fish car era via Catskill archives  LINK

The Lionel Club of Milwaukee commissioned the, "The Milwaukee Road" as a tribute to the Fish Car era. LINK

Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish......


Sightings of fish on bikes.

January 03, 2006

Robotic Insects


So let's experiment a bit.  LINK

A very good Water Strider pattern  LINK

Maybe to many Kaliks?


The comic relief came with all “the missed fish.” Rathbun laughed and shook his head after missing three in a row from the flats boat. “This is just unacceptable,” he said. “I am going to sit down now.” LINK

A Fish Called Wanda


The fish is now called Wanda — because it’s a wonder it survived.


January 01, 2006

Hippy New Year!!!!!

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