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December 30, 2005

With Only Pennies a Day

Won't You Please Help?

Sponsors can pick a name for their adopted fish and receive regular updates on its activities. The $190 donation — less than what many people spend on coffee in a given year — is tax deductible and sponsors will receive a certificate of adoption and a letter of appreciation from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Big Box News


Just received my Bass Pro 366 page 2006, "Anglers" catalog.......three pages of fly fishing. Maybe they have a dedicated fly fishing book like Cabela's?

Cabela's coming to Idaho.  LINK

Friday Fish Porn


Caution -- this video is rated XXX due to all the fish sex

VIA Fly Mart Online

December 29, 2005

Judge continues spring and summer spill to help salmon over dams


A federal judge Thursday ordered the federal government to continue spilling extra water over dams on the lower Snake and lower Columbia rivers to help young salmon and steelhead migrate to the ocean.

According to the Fish Passage Center the survival rates for salmon smolts due to increased flows this past summer were the highest in five years.


Now this is FLY fishing


Picked the link to this video off a popular forum under the heading, "OK you purists, would you consider this FLY fishing?"


Frozen Guides and Ohio Steel

Secret spy photos of the Patagonia fish heads hard at work at their recent sales meeting.



Stripah King

Smurf strikes again!

Mayor McDaniel supports global warming.

Combat Fishing


Fear of rebel attacks has meant that braving the wilds of Kashmir with just a fishing rod for protection has become a "minority sport", says British angler Andrew Davis, who has fished in the state's waters.


Angling destinations in India  LINK

December 28, 2005

Steelhead classification system altered


Ten groups of steelhead from Southern California to Washington will retain Endangered Species Act protection, officials with NOAA Fisheries announced Friday.


Here is the actual NOAA ruling with sidebar links to other various facts and Q and A. LINK

Double-Mouthed Rainbow


I'm going to smoke it up and eat it," he said.


Catch and Release Trailer

The Internet trailer for the upcoming movie, "Catch and Release" can now be viewed here. For all the hype about it being the next big thing since, "A River Runs Through Fly Fishing Sales" no fishing in the trailer.


Fly Fishing and the Gospel

According to S.B.G. (Short Bald Guide)

Perhaps you have only recently received the call to become a fly fisher- BUT- you feel unworthy. Brothers and Sisters- GOD HAS ENOUGH MERCY FOR ALL OF US! Use the gifts that God has for each of us and REPENT of worm-dunking and bass fishing (actually, you can get a special dispensation for fly fishing for bass, but that will be covered later).


The S&M Ken Doll Lure


But why the human form? Is the strategy behind this one to bait the fish with the promise of fulfilling some kind of twisted revenge fantasy?

VIA Patently Silly


December 27, 2005

One Million Dollars!

Wonder if you could pass one of these at Cabela's?

This currency looks and feels real. Great conversation tool. Our funny money and fake million dollar bills look just like real US Currency. 

Amazing Shark Shaped Submarine


Still no frickin laser beam attached to it's head

The Paris-born, New York-based explorer had become a virtual shark, thanks to his new shark-shaped submarine. He uses the sub to dive incognito among the oceans' top predators, great white sharks.


December 26, 2005

The Heart and Soul of Fly Fishing

n. pron. "blowk" (English); "bloke" (the rest of us). The closest American equivalent is guy, and it is pretty close. A bloke is a joe public, a random punter - any old guy off the street. Where it differs from guy is that it can't apply to your friends. You can't walk up to a group of your mates and say "Hi blokes, what's up?", as they'd all peer at you as if you'd been reading some strange cross-channel dictionary. The most common usage of the word bloke is almost definitely in the phrase "some bloke in the pub".  LINK

Who Is Kilgore Trout


Those of you who are familiar with the work of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. have surely come across the name Kilgore Trout in his novels. He is one of the author's favorite fictional characters and appears in many of his books (e.g. Slaughterhouse-Five, God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, Breakfast of Champions, Galapagos, Timequake etc.)  LINK

December 23, 2005

T'was the Night Before Caddis


Twas the night before Christmas when down by the stream
The full moon looked out on a chill winter scene.
A lone trout was sipping a midge in his brook,
Untroubled by worries of fishers with hooks.


Holiday Theme Fly Patterns

The Green Grinch  LINK

The Christmas Tree   LINK

The White River Christmas Tree Wooly Bugger  LINK

The X-Mas Island Special  LINK

December 22, 2005

Welcome to Virtual Fly Casting


This site is dedicated to the enhancement of fly casting instruction, and is specifically for those interested in becoming certified Federation of Fly Fishers™ (FFF) fly casting instructors.  LINK

Comorant Fishing


I remember seeing a beautiful short film at the Banff Film Fesival about a Zong man from China's Guilin region and his fishing comorants.

Ukai, or cormorant fishing, is a traditional method of river fishing that has been practiced in Japan for some 1300 years. This method involves fishermen using cormorant birds on leashes to catch sweetfish (such as the Ayu).


Comorant fishing is not as popular a pastime in some other areas.  LINK

Who ya gonna call?  LINK

Crappie Christmas Tree


In mid March, when memories of the holiday have all but faded, the Christmas trees will be used for crappie beds on the bottom of Smithville Lake. Adding and replacing habitat for crappie in Smithville Lake is an important part of fisheries management.


December 21, 2005

Target Fisherman


A weaponized version of the Popeil Pocket Fisherman.

Some giggle. Some dig it-some don't. But they all think it's the wildest fishing rig on the block. It just may be the most innovative product within the entire fishing industry. And who knows, it may be the most collectable tackle product in history some day.


Free the Carp Radio

A teatime treat!

The plight of hundreds of thousands carp, which are a must in the traditional Polish Christmas menu, is a jarring note in the merry atmosphere of the holiday.

VIA Polskie Radio


 Leca Polów ryby w Polsce  LINK

December 20, 2005

Fly Fishing on Amazon


An index of fly fishing brands that have their products being hawked on Amazon by third party sellers. Talk amongst yourselves.


Reel Bad Holiday Gift Guide


Don't you wish sometimes when you're sitting on the john that you were sailing the seas, casting a line for a 10 foot swordfish, smelling the salty air of the sea, maybe taking down a couple of cold ones??  LINK

Don't you wish sometimes when you're on the couch, flipping through the channels, that you were flipping a surface plug for Billy Bass??  LINK

Don't you wish sometimes when you're on the practice green that golf was as easy as fishing with bait?  LINK

December 19, 2005

Single Malt Fish Stories

Mmmmm single malt

The stories are about people with an unusual passion for quality, craft and attention to detail, a trait we share at the Balvenie Distillery.

If anything has a reputation for producing extravagant and entertaining stories it must be fishing, and now you have a chance to share your experiences of leviathan with a wider audience than your usual cynical fishing companions.


The 800 Weight Fly Rod


The world's largest fly rod is located in Houston, British Columbia.

The rod is constructed entirely of aluminum and anodized bronze to simulate graphite. It is 60 feet (1829.8 cm) long and weighs about 800 pounds. The reel has a diameter of 36 inches.


Harold and Kumar go to the Pet Store


G P Vijaya Kumar swallowed 509 small fish through his mouth and blew them out of his nose within one hour, reports The Asian Age.

Mr Kumar, of Gunduppalavadi in Tamil Nadu, started experimenting with live fish after successfully ejecting peas and corn through his nose.



December 16, 2005

We need more dilithium crystals captain!


Typepad has experienced some serious problems which kept us off line ALL day today. Some images are still trapped in the Klingon neutral zone and the warp drive is is still on the fritz but at least we did not lose any data....yet. The site may continue to look a little rough until early next week.

Fishing Cam


Thank you for your interest in Fishing-CAM products.

Fishing-CAM is a new kind of fishing tool that enables individuals to observe underwater scenes as he enjoys fishing by using attached monitor and special purpose cable instead of regular fishing line. If used in unison with camcorders, it is capable of recording and saving images.


Vintage Fishing Labels


A link to a few vintage fishing labels from an on-line gallery that features over two thousand food and crate labels covering every possible category.


Some of the seafood labels are pretty cool too.


December 15, 2005

R.L. Winston is not a real person


I found this story timely with all the scuttlebutt surrounding the resignation of master rod builder Glenn Brackett and his colleagues at R.L. Winston.

The company name, R.L Winston, was derived by combining the initials of the two founders' first names, Robert Winther and Lew Stoner. They then used the first three letters from Winther and the first four letters from Stoner to make up the company's last name.


Fly Fishing in Style in Tahiti


Mr. Christian!

Enthusiasts can mix lazy days fly-fishing in the crystal clear lagoons of the famous Tuamotu Archipelago with nights enjoying fine dining and spacious cabins aboard the luxury catamaran, Haumana.


Queer Eye For the Fly Fishing Guy


In a recent post our friends at FlyFish Magazine tried to answer the question, "Are Fly Fisherman Ubersexuals?"

Maybe it depends on what side of the fence you swing from?

WARNING: Not safe for James Dobson

Fish help unlock mystery of our skin color

The image “http://www.sciencenews.org/pages/sn_arch/12_7_96/zebra1.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Zebrafish zipping around an aquarium have led researchers to a gene that may play an important role in human skin color, an attribute that has served as a basis for social discrimination through the ages.



A reply from the son of Ernest Schwiebert


This response from Eric Schwiebert was posted today on Fly Fisherman's main forum.  LINK

How many lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb?


Whereas the party of the first part, also known as "Lawyer", and the party of the second part, also known as "Light Bulb", do hereby and forthwith agree to a transaction wherein the party of the second part (Light Bulb) shall be removed from the current position as a result of failure to perform previously agreed upon duties, i. e. the lighting, elucidation, and otherwise illumination of the area ranging from the front (north) door, through the entryway, terminating at an area just inside the primary living area, demarcated by the beginning of the carpet, any spillover illumination being at the option of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) and not required by the aforementioned agreement between the parties.

A whole lot of lawyers will wedge into U.S. District Judge James Redden's courtroom this morning to haggle about spilling more water over Columbia River dams in the next year to help young salmon and steelhead reach the ocean.

VIA The Oregonian

Mad About Gaddis


Gadabout Gaddis not only pioneered the genre of televised fishing programs but he also inspired many of those who grew up watching this groundbreaking show.

Gadabout's TV Philosophy

Let's get something clear: I'm no expert. I never have been and I never will be. I am just an average fisherman who builds pictures for the average fisherman. That's why I steer clear of expensive resorts while filming. I go only where the typical angler can afford to go. And that's why I use tackle that can be bought for less than $50. I don't want any advantages the run-of-the-mill fisherman doesn't have.

If our show has anything approaching what might be called a philosophy, that's it: unpretentious simplicity.

Above all my series is believable. It has to be. I film what happens. If I come up dry and don't catch a fish, that's what we show. If I get hung up on a tree, you'll see it. And if I slip on a rock, you'll see that too.

This site is dedicated to Gadabout Roscoe Vernon Gaddis - a simple man - a true representation of freedom, adventure and the goodness in people.


The Fish Are Calling


Holiday gift goodness from Ray Troll.

Ray's whimsical, fishy calendar for 2006. 12 piscatorial images to get you through the year.


Grounds for Change


Mmmmmmm coffffeeeeeee.

It’s easy to support wild salmon recovery while enjoying freshly-roasted organic coffee.


December 14, 2005

Democrats under fire over fish parody


You just know that the talking heads at Fox News are going to get a hold of this one.

The state Democratic Party is catching heat for posting an item on its Web site that parodies the popular Christian fish symbol commonly seen on the back of cars.


Suit Challenges Salmon Listings in West


While we're at it let's start counting Grizzlies in the zoo.

A California property rights group has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Endangered Species Act listings for salmon in four Western states, claiming the government is playing a "shell game" with hatchery and naturally spawned fish by counting only the natural population to determine listings.


Sensei of The Year

Click to ENLARGE

Last week I submitted a few pics to Time Magazine's, "Person of the Year Project". Selected photos are displayed on a large electronic Time cover in the middle of Times Square and a digital picture of the moment is then e-mailed back to the sender.

A great way to have fun with your fishing photos or shots of loved ones and friends.

Person of the Year in Times Square  LINK

Half Past Tuesday


The perfect holiday gift for those fortunate enough to measure life by the day.

Have you ever been on a hunting or fishing trip and lost track of the day? If so you need a DayClock.


The Hook and Loop Cast


It teaches one of the most important aspects of fly-fishing: delivering the fly to the right place at the right time. The target is covered with the "loop" portion of Velcro®. The included practice flies are tied with the "hook". When you hit the target, the fly sticks, re-creating the feel of hooking up with a fish.


December 13, 2005

Huge mullet catch seized from poachers


NASCAR officials concerned about impacts on race attendance.


I'd Rather Be Fishing


Ernest Schwiebert, an architect and planner whose lifelong passion for fishing led him to write influential books on piscatorial matters like how trout perceive insects - all the better to make lures to catch them - died on Saturday at his home in Princeton, N.J. He was 74.




Following the huge success of the cute iDog as an accessory for iPod freaks, Sega presents the ifish. It moves in fishy ways when you play music for it. And it creates sounds, lighting effects and acts as a loudspeaker when connected to a digital audio device.

VIA Gizmodo


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