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October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!


The Frankenstein Fly


Halloween and fly fishing may seem like an odd mix, but not for true anglers. Yep, I'm talking about the ultimate test of your abilities and nerve.

Dracula's River


It Came from the Deep!


The scary fish will swim again!


Is Salmon Money Flowing the Right Way?


Big front page story in this Sunday's Seattle Times suggesting that resources to save salmon be focused on the rivers where there is a better chance for success.

The 30-inch fish had already been funneled up concrete steps, corralled in a pen, lifted in the tray and had a chunk of its dorsal fin clipped off. Now it was being steered headfirst into a black rubber pouch. After several minutes of struggle, Chinook 33, as its handlers counted it, finally relented. It slid into the container, then was hefted up and poured into a channel leading back to the river.

Via the Seattle Times

Salmon CrAZY


May your lines be tight and nets heavy.


Fishy Fishy Fish EEEEEEEEE


Oh my god he spooled me!

Download oh_fishy.wmv

October 28, 2005

Salmon Farm threatens Gansbaai Ecosystem


This story from Sharklife News exposes the grave threat of salmon farms to the ecosystem off the coast of South Africa. These farms threaten a myriad of protected species with their nets and toxic byproducts.


The Art of Being a Barni


Selecting the best location will be key in deciding whether you will ultimately succeed or fail. The best places depend on what you are fishing for. If you are fishing for trout, generally the best place is right where the truck dumped them into the lake or stream, the closer the better.

ViA Califishing.com


October 27, 2005

Fish Powered Vehicle


I managed to find one more post for today.


Rome bans goldfish bowls seen as cruel


I'm at the Patagonia sales meeting and pretty much tapped out on post material so this is the best I can do considering my blood alcohol content.


October 26, 2005

How do you make a small fortune in the fly fishing business?


Start with a large fortune.........and a fly fishing business plan.


Or you could buy an existing shop!


Turn your passion into your livelihood!


Maybe you would prefer a web based operation?


Fly-Fishing as a Metaphor For Dealing With Your Boss


Still, as an angler-in-training like me soon discovers, there's one way that fishing bears an uncanny resemblance to work: The fish is the boss you thought you left behind. It will dispense with your fly like a good suggestion, and flit off in the opposite direction just when you think you have a line on its thinking. Like work, fly-fishing is a power struggle with a pea-brained authority figure. The difference is that this humiliation is fun.


October 25, 2005

A New Oxymoron!


Corporate Fly Fishing

What better way to discuss business than with an all-inclusive fishing break? From 4 persons to 40 we can arrange everything you need to make your day go smoothly. We can arrange hamper lunch, accommodation and personal casting and fishing tuition. We can also arrange your evening meal giving you the chance to tie up those contracts and agreements.


Molto piacevole!


Imported from Italy, Giorgio Dallari fly reels are hand made of briarwood.


October 24, 2005

Find Fish 101


More fly fish content goodness from the e-zine Find Fish 101.

Welcome to the premier issue of FindFish101.com. So what's the point of another fishing site? The answer is simple. We know how to run on the Web.  LINK

Patagonia has new Fly Fishing Sales Manager


Steve Straqualursi has accepted the position of Fly Fishing Sales Manager, where he will direct the efforts of our fly fishing reps, helping Patagonia to continue gaining market share in the fishing business.  Steve is a 15-year veteran of Patagonia.  He started his career in our Freeport outlet, and moved on to become one of the company's most successful sales reps.  "Straq", as he is affectionately known, has a knack for growing sales and, inspiring and training other reps. That, coupled with his almost Zen like abilities as a fly fisherman, make him the perfect choice to lead the fishing sales team. 

A Fairway Runs Through It


Be nice" I reminded myself, "you're their guest." I braced myself for the inevitable question. "Are there really fish in there?" the elderly golfer said. The honest answer would be an enthusiastic "darn right there are." But instead, I gave my usual "hope so."

via the NY Times LINK

October 21, 2005

Boy who tames sea monsters


This week's world record fish (age group) is brought to you by Alex Johnston and just one of a few records Alex has to his credit.

For a brief moment during his two-hour struggle with this monster shark, teenager Alex Johnston thought he'd hooked a submarine.

From the Sunday Mail


Salmon Safe


In an update to our recent post about Nike's HQ getting "Salmon Safe" certification here is a link to the Salmon Safe web site. Salmon Safe and Nike will also be hosting an open house on Nov. 15th at their world headquarters.


Latest champions for Northwest's salmon


Uncle Sam is getting hammered in federal courts for failing to protect endangered salmon, the totemic icon of the Pacific Northwest.

Via the Christian Science Monitor

ErRoR MeSsAge


Click to enlarge

Make your own!

October 20, 2005

This Cow Tale is from Fly Fishing on the Cheap


Not sure how I came across this chapter from Fly Fishing on the Cheap, an unpublished work by Brian K. Jones.

Funny stuff!

On the Acceptability of Dogs

In which we discover: approaching a hole properly, imagining the cast, greasing the fly, making the first cast your best cast, retrieving flies from difficult places, the importance of tree climbing and fins and snorkel, trout have short memories, characteristics of subalpines, strike the hole while it's hot.


Flies and Fins


Flies and Fins is an on-line community where members can share fish tales, photos and live chat. There is also a forum and an an archive of fly fishing articles.


October 19, 2005

surf fishing (thing)


Welcome to everything2.com

Of the many different types of fishing, surf fishing is probably the most unusual. Fly fishing is so arcane that it looks like you are working a bullwhip, regular boat fishing for all sorts of fish on lakes and rivers has been besieged by topographic maps of honey holes and fish finders with which to find them, pond fishing is so bucolic and quaint as to be boring and ice fishing is so cold as to be nearly unbearable unless drunk which leads us to the sport of surf fishing.


October 18, 2005

Nike a friend of salmon


Nike's intergalatc headquarters in Beaverton is the first corporate campus to earn Salmon Safe certification.


Pretty in Pink?


Ankle-deep in the carcasses of dead and dying pink salmon along Kodiak Island's Buskin River, biologist Len Schwarz searched for the coho salmon that weren't there and wondered what had gone wrong.


October 17, 2005

In Search of A Rising Tide


This one is for Josh.

Imagine a bonefishing trip with two of the best guides in the world. Then, just for fun, tell them that you want to find a trophy sized fish over ten pounds. A fish as hard to find as it is to land. In what may be the first saltwater   journey completely from a native guide’s point of view, you'll track big Bonefish, known for their speed in equal measure to their wary disposition.


Now imagine if they were to make a film about Tarpon.  LINK

Fishing on the Wilson is the BOMB!


Let's See.......

There's a couple of steelhead, some cutthroat trout ... and a bomb!


Dicks suggests curbs on salmon fishing


Hard for the commercial and recreational fishing interests to argue with the politics of this argument

"I have trouble, my little brain can't understand, how it's OK to slaughter the fish?" said Rep. Greg Walden, an Oregon Republican, who was joined by Reps. Brian Baird and Norm Dicks, both Democrats from Washington, for the first of three informal hearings to hear from various interest groups.

Certainly can't argue with the, "small brain" and, "Dicks" part of the argument.


West Point Fly Fishing Club


I left my wife in New Orleans
With 23 kids and a can of beans!
Sound Off!
Fly Fish!
Sound Off
Fly Fish!


October 14, 2005

Johnny Walker: Fish


Scotch whiskey and fish(ing), like soup and sandwich, Hepburn and Tracey, evolution vs intelligent design???


Fly Fishing University


Well I attended Juiliard, I have a graduate degree from the Fly FIshing University, I've traveled quite extensively, I lived through the Neoprene plague and I had a pretty good time during that, I'VE SEEN A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT ABOUT 167 TIMES AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERYTOME I SEE IT, NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOUR TALKING TO A TWEED BAG HERE! Now what do you think? Do you think I'm qualified?


October 13, 2005

Join the Fish Wars


I had a little old lady hobble over to my car at a red light and say, with a smile, "You're going to hell, you know!" It took me a moment to remember the Darwin fish on my trunk. I said to her, also with a smile, "At least I'll be among friends."


October 12, 2005

Lord of the flies


Profile of Ray Zavada who has an extensive fly collection.

The Lee Wulff part of Zavada's collection came from Wulff's own hands. Same for Brooks, Bashline, Flick, Best and all the others. He purchased some and acquired a few by trading. Many were gifts, including several from the tiers or their families


It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye


A freak accident saw an angler's lead weight fly through his eye socket and become embedded inside his cheek.


October 11, 2005

The Stepford Flies


A swarm of links to some mind blowing realistic fly websites, wonder if they work any better than garden variety flies?

Cold beer in the back of the truck doesn't hurt, either.

Rob's Realistic Flies

Hatchmasters Fly Tying - Take Your Tying Experince to a Realistic Level

Mesa Dry Flies - Specializing in Realistics and Hand Tied New Mexico San Juan Flies

Paul Whillocks Home of Realistic and Art Fly Tying

So what is fair game in the world of realistic fly tying? I am sure some of the answers could fuel many bar room debates for an eternity but, below is my own short list of realistic fly tying rules.
#1. Any of the material used in the fly should be tied onto the fly. Under no account should anything be glued onto the fly!
#2. No carved wood or plastic bodies!
#3. Use only materials that are commercially available to all tyers!


Virtual Nymph - Includes free realistic tying instruction downloads and some nice fine art prints.

Molto Bueno!
Collectable flies by Fabrizio Gajardoni

October 10, 2005

There's something fishy about this website


Jack Gartside's website has some very useful as well as some very funny content.

Jack Gartside got his first flytying lesson in 1956 from Ted Williams, the great Boston Red Sox outfielder. He's been tying and fishing ever since — in both fresh water and salt — accumulating an extraordinary range of fishing experience in the US and throughout the world.


How Now Brown Trout


Gold Medal water.


October 07, 2005



Newest chapter of The Trout Bum Diaries - Fish Hatcheries.

Starring Chilly Willy and Wally Walrus.


New Mexico on Locoweed


I don't want to be standing in water with anything called Cutthroat even if it's the New Mexico state fish. I would rather fish on the bank, better yet; I'll fish from a bridge.


October 06, 2005

Celebrity Bass


An update to the previous post about the record large mouth caught in Minnesota. The guy that caught the fish (a strict catch and release angler) is keeping it alive but his plans for the fish are confounding the fish police in Minnesota.


This Weeks State Record Catches

This one on a fly rod.

At 38-and-a-half inches long and 27 pounds, 10 ounces, a trout caught Monday on Lake Taneycomo by Rick Osborn, of Camdenton, holds the state record for the largest brown trout caught in Missouri, according to state conservation officials.


Biggest Largemouth Caught in Minnesota.


Protect the waterways we all love from unneccessary pollution


The perfect gift for the float tuber or pontoon boater in the family.

I have GOT to take a leak!" "You know I almost didn't make it in to the beach on time, geeze that could have been embarrassing."


And the perfect companion to Uncle Booger's Bumper Dumper!


Benvenuto per volare pesca Italia!

Pesci Bianchi

I can't think of a better combo, Tuscany and fly fishing. Get up, fish until 1:00, drink some wine, eat some bread, salami and olives, nap until 4:00, fish some more until 8:00. I got married in Lucca, which is one of the places they suggest for accommodations...amazing! There are some slide shows under the Info Tours tab which highlight various Tuscan rivers.


Commercial fishing of endangered salmon hurts recovery


You're living in your own Private Idaho,
where do I go from here to a better state than this.
Well, don't be blind to the big surprise
swimming round and round like the deadly hand
of a radium clock, at the bottom, of the pool.

The Governor of Idaho says, "efforts to restore salmon runs can't progress until commercial harvesting of the fish is curtailed."


October 05, 2005

That's My Pet Snake Reggie


And other news from the Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide.

“I was on a pattern with a Rico (a Japanese topwater plug) and I only had one of the bigger size. I stopped on a little place where I had caught a lot of fish before and there was shad flipping everywhere. I threw that Rico on this point and got a hold of something."



The Golf Bum Diaries


You may have seen a few stories where writers have attempted to point out the similarities between golf and fly fishing. You may have also seen a few folks taking exception to those attempting to make any such comparison. For those of you who enjoy swinging a 5 iron as well as a 5 weight welcome to Trophy Lake Golf and Casting.

I just want to know if there's such a thing as a mulligan in fly fishing?

On a magnificent collaboration of nature and design, Trophy Lake Golf & Casting captures the spirit and tradition of the Northwest through its celebration of two of the region's most popular activities---golf and fishing. Whatever you choose, you'll find that the pursuit is truly the prize.


I swear I touched the leader!


Not sure this qualifies as,"catching" a fish.

“It broke my line and I jumped in the water with the net, but it was too big, I couldn’t get it in the net. I kind of just grabbed it and hauled it ashore", he said.


Feed Willy!


As go the salmon so go the other species which depend on them.

Orcas need cleaner Sound, MORE salmon scientists say.


October 03, 2005

Public Service Announcement from the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Wildlife



Due to the rising frequency of Human-Bear encounters the ADFW is advising hikers, hunters and fisherman to take extra precautions while in the bush.

We advise all outdoorsman and women to wear noisy bells on their clothing to give advanced warning to any bears that may be close by so you don’t take them by surprise.

We also advise anyone using the outdoors to carry pepper spray with him or her in case of an encounter with a bear.

Be on the lookout for fresh bear activity and be able to tell the difference between bear cub shit and big bear shit. Bear cub shit contains lots of berries and bits of fur. Big bear shit has bells in it and smells like pepper.


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