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March 31, 2005

Carp threaten Great Lakes ecosystem, industry


Wonder if they will take a fly?

Sometimes growing to more than 120 pounds, the Asian Carp are considered a bold, destructive invader species, capable of devouring all the food needed by native species.


The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission


Reel Pure...Headwear for Today's Angler


At Reel Pure we're just regular guys with an irregular love for fly fishing. Our dream spawned from the experiences we had during our fly fishing rookie years. It was then that we realized there were two types of fly fishermen. Those who like to share the experience with friends (cool) and the soloists who keep their experiences a secret (not so cool).


March 30, 2005

The Latest in Catfish Bait


A fish story from the Wichita Eagle newspaper LINK

Gives all new meaning to the practice of noodling.

Check local regulations before noodling. In some states, the practice is illegal. In others, noodling is permitted during special seasons with a variety of restrictions. Also be aware that this is dangerous sport. Severe injuries, even death, can result from carelessness. Many noodlers are nicknamed "Nubbins," the result of unfortunate encounters with snapping turtles.


2005 Northwest Youth Conservation & Fly Fishing Academy


The Washington Council Trout Unlimited announces their second annual Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy to be held from Monday, June 20 to Saturday, June 25, 2005.  The purpose of the Academy is to educate youth about the importance of coldwater conservation and resource stewardship. The Academy is modeled after the nationally acclaimed award winning Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited Rivers Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp held annually in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.


March 29, 2005

A Girl's Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout


"A Girl’s Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout" illuminates the murky waters of the dating pool with insights inspired by fly-fishing techniques and advice. You might say it’s "The Rules" crossed with Izaak Walton’s "The Compleat Angler." Who knew there was dating advice in wading wisdom?


Water forecast poor for Klamath farmers, fish


GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- The water forecast for the Klamath Basin continues to worsen, with a skinny snowpack that is quickly melting and little rain in sight, but federal irrigation managers say they hope to meet most of their obligations for both farms and endangered fish.


Continuing dry conditions over the Pacific Northwest have led to warnings from an inter-tribal group that could spell disaster for the Klamath basin in the coming months.


March 28, 2005



Last fall Patagonia announced the launch of their World Trout Campaign to raise awareness of threats to native trout and their habitat. Partnering with the artist James Prosek the campaign will be ongoing and benefit various organizations.

Ventura - CA Yvon Chouinard, avid fly fisherman, climber, and founder of Patagonia, Inc., the outdoor apparel company, announced the launch of the company’s World Trout campaign today. The campaign, an on-going effort which Patagonia plans to continue over many years, is being launched through Patagonia’s fishing division, in partnership with artist and naturalist James Prosek, to raise awareness of the plight of native trout and their native habitat.  Each year, World Trout will highlight the efforts of various grassroots environmental organizations working to protect native trout populations and their habitats.  A portion of the sales of Patagonia’s World Trout t-shirts featuring James Prosek’s artwork will be designated for these organizations.  Patagonia is encouraging other companies to join the World Trout campaign as well as 1% For the Planet, a non-profit consortium of businesses donating one percent of sales to environmental non-profits.  Participating companies can pledge one percent of sales to World Trout beneficiary groups or other local, regional, or national environmental non-profits.

Chouinard and Prosek initially spawned the preservation effort while fishing the Slough Creek in Yellowstone Park last year. Their shared passion for fly-fishing coupled with a drive to generate awareness around preserving our natural water resources led to the initiative.  Patagonia and Prosek will officially launch World Trout at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver, Colorado, September 14 – 17, 2004.

“Patagonia is deeply committed to supporting environmental conservation initiatives like World Trout,” said Chouinard.  “With Prosek’s extensive knowledge and Patagonia’s global reach, we’ve created a program that will support local grassroots efforts focused on preserving native trout species.”

Prosek has spent the past eight years documenting the physical diversity of the trout of Europe, Asia and North Africa through watercolor representations. His extensive research is recorded in Trout of the World, an illustrated history of the native trout he encountered during his travels abroad. As an individual, he has worked to generate awareness of the threats to native trout species, such as dams, development, wars, pollution, overfishing, and irrigation.  Three of Prosek’s watercolors from Trout of the World, will be featured on Patagonia t-shirts, and proceeds from each shirt will be donated to grassroots groups working on these issues.

“The existence of wild trout means clean water, arguably our most precious resource,” said Prosek. “Their disappearance would not only be a physical loss, but also a loss to the human imagination.”

The beneficiary groups of the World Trout campaign will rotate each year, in order to increase the visibility of the broad range of grassroots organizations dedicated to trout protection and restoration.  This year’s recipient groups are the Penobscot River Restoration Trust in Maine, the Greenback Recovery Program through Colorado Trout Unlimited, and the Obirame Restoration Group in Hokkaido, Japan, which is working to save the native sea-run Huchen.

1% For The Planet, co-founded by Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Inc. and Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies, is an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. Members recognize their responsibility to and dependence on a healthy environment and donate at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. The alliance aims to prove that taking environmental responsibility is good for business.  The organization currently has 57 members from a wide range of industries including many fishing oriented companies, such as Blue Ribbon Flies, Cuba-based Avalon, Patagonia, Inc., Nordisk Fiskeutstyr, and Pruett Publishing. 

Patagonia, Inc. designs, markets, and distributes outdoor gear and apparel through its catalog, retail stores, wholesale dealers, and web site (www.patagonia.com).  The company donates one percent of sales to the restoration and protection of the natural environment and has granted over $20 million in financial and in-kind donations to grassroots environmental organizations since 1985.  Known for its commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, Patagonia offers products made from organic cotton, hemp, and recycled materials.

This years World Trout beneficiaries

Greenback Restoration Project

Penbscot River Restoration Project

Obirame Restoration Group


Buy a limited edition World Trout shirt here.

One Percent for the Planet

A Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious?


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP)  A controlled flood meant to aid fish in the Grand Canyon may have had the opposite effect.


March 25, 2005

Hubcap Fish Sculpture


Hubcap creatures are made entirely from re-cycled materials. All the hubcaps are found, usually on the side of the road, and therefore bear the scars of their previous lives in the form of scratches and abrasions. I believe these marks add texture and history to the creatures they decorate, and so choose not to fill, overpaint or alter them in any way.


Reel Big Fish


The rock and roll band.

Just launched, We're Not Happy Till You're Not Happy.


I wonder where these guys shopped?


It had to happen. After public outcries about impropriety and reckless spending of funds, the board chairman of the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries, Dan Hoffler, has resigned.

A Virginian-Pilot review of department spending records showed that officials regularly traveled to conventions, bought expensive sporting goods and routinely exceeded limits on their state-issued charge cards.


March 24, 2005

Man found with endangered fish in luggage


MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) - Customs officers thought there was something fishy about the baggage of a flight attendant arriving in Australia from Vietnam. They were right.


SteelheadBob SquarePants


A couple of programs that are educating the future stewards of the enviroment and it's denizons

Eastwood students release young steelhead into Deer Creek for first time as part of hatchery program

Right now, Fluffy, Jerry, Tupac, Bob and Aphrodite are steelhead eggs from Mad River Hatchery, delivered last week to River Valley Charter School, dropped into a well-controlled aquarium and named by the students

Score one for Salmon and Steelhead


SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Gas and Electric Company, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and Game, National Park Service, California State Water Resources Control Board, NOAA Fisheries, Trout Unlimited and Friends of the River today announced a historic agreement which could lead to the decommissioning of PG&E's Kilarc- Cow Creek hydroelectric project. Upon decommissioning, the agreement also designates all water rights associated with the project to be used for providing additional habitat for the federally listed spring run Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.


March 23, 2005

South Florida Sleigh Ride


Giant tarpon takes anglers for ride.

"So the tug of war continued," Strassel said. "At this point, we have pulled up 20 feet from the fish and we are being towed towards the ocean. We are now 20 minutes into the fight and I realize I should have brought a lip gaff and some beer."


Yellowstone National Park Seeks Public Input on Fisheries Issues


An update to our last post regarding the Yellowstone Cutthroat.

Yellowstone National Park will hold five area public meetings in April 2005 to seek input from interested individuals and organizations on fisheries issues in the park. Topics to be discussed include the status of native cutthroat trout species and proposed changes in existing fishing regulations scheduled for implementation in 2006. Regulation changes are needed to protect native fishes, particularly cutthroat trout populations, that have recently declined as a result of hybridization and predation pressure from introduced, non-native fish.


Written comments can be submitted here until 8/31/05


Game On


An update to our post from yesterday about a coalition of slamon advocacy groups who are pursuing an injunction against the Bush administrtions latest "salmon recovery" plan. Joe Bogarrd from Save our Wild Salmon e-mailed an AP story which appeared in a number of Northwest papers, one of which is reprinted below. The Idaho ranchers comments were of note according to Joe's e-mail

By The Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho - A coalition of Salmon advocacy groups has asked a
federal judge to rule the Bush administration's $6 billion
salmon recovery plan violates the Endangered Species Act.

Continue reading "Game On" »

March 22, 2005

Finally, a place for all your Orvis gear

Fabulous Thurston!
Is that the Battenkill model?


Fishing for Proof!


The proponents of intelligent design think they have found a smoking gun in the form of a fishing reel imbedded in a rock.

Over twenty-five years ago, Dan Jones was trout fishing in the Tellico River. It was there he stumbled across something that still leaves geologists scratching their heads. He stated: “I just walked up on a sandbar and it was laying there with water slapping up on it . What did Dan Jones find? It was a simple fishing reel—partially embedded in rock (known as phyllite) believed to be about 300 million years old (according to evolution-based dating systems).


The debunking forum tongues are a wagging.

Make your own reel in a rock.

More links to Rocks and Reels!

Rock 'N" Reel Sportfishing Charters!

Boiled in Lead.....Twenty Years of Rock N Reel.

Businesses, Fishermen ask Court to Increase Salmon Survival


Portland, OR--  Today, a coalition of businesses, fishermen, conservationists and Columbia River tribes asked a federal judge to immediately put in place specific protections for salmon and steelhead and the people and communities that depend on them for a living. These measures are necessary to ensure that jobs and businesses can survive and prosper along with Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead.


March 21, 2005

Yellowstone considering new rules........ but not threatened status

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) -- Park officials are proposing allowing anglers to catch and keep more non-native fish from some of Yellowstone's rivers and streams in an effort to reduce interbreeding with rare cutthroat trout.

Biologists say interbreeding is becoming an increasing problem in the park, and making the pure cutthroat even more rare.

From the Jackson Hole Star Tribune


US Fish and Wildlife still refuses to consider listing the Yellowstone Cutthroat as a threatened or endangerd species.
A coalition of environmental groups filed suit against the USFW in January 04 and in December of 04 a judge ordered the department to reconsider the listing.


McGinniss Extra Stout


One of Montana's legendary trout flies, the girdle bug, was designed to imitate a large stonefly nymph, or "hellgrammite," as the local anglers on the Big Hole River call the big aquatic insects.

Lost in the murky currents of time, however, is the original name of the girdle bug.

Back in the 1930s and '40s, it was called the "McGinnis rubberlegs," after its creator, Frank McGinnis of Anaconda. The McGinnis clan plied the waters of the Big Hole often enough to call it their "family river." And Frank McGinnis' homely pattern gained fame far and wide for fooling the river's renowned lunker rainbows and browns.

Now a fly-tier from another generation of McGinnises is carrying on the family tradition of creating killer trout-fly patterns.

From the Billings Gazette

March 18, 2005

The Trout Bum Diaries


The Angling Exploration Group recently announced the first installment of "The Trout Bum Diaries", a revolutionary style of fly fishing video currently in production. This video is the result of five months of sleeping in the dirt, driving 11,000 kilometers from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, river after river and lake after lake along the Andes; the spine of South America. This video is slated for release this spring.

The crew is currently in New Zealand filming volume two.

Check out the teaser for volume one and updates from New Zealand here.  LINK

A Drainage Ditch Runs Through It


We all know that some of the best fishing locales were not on the set list for "A River Runs Through It". Some of our favorites?  The high desert of metropolitan Wyoming in April or the picturesque outlet mall run in the shadow of Asbestos Alley

I added "Lauderdale area drainage canals" to my list of urban fishing hot spots and reflected on the boat ride back on the many unlikely places where angling proves better than you'd expect. Just because planes are roaring overhead, traffic is whooshing alongside and smoke belches from chimneys doesn't mean you can't catch fish.

Maybe The World Angler Boys should do an urban chapter of the Trout Bum Diaries?


March 17, 2005

To Russia, with Jack


A great narrative co-written by the Golden Bear for Golf Digest about a fly fishing trip he took with his sons to the Kola River in Northwestern Russia. His appreciation of the sport is palpable and his musings on why fishing is like golf will resonate with any fly fishing duffer. A fairly down to earth account from a guy who probably will go down in history as the world's greatest golfer and who flew the entire gang over in his Gulfstream.

A BIG thanks to the "Yellow Drake" for the tip, our first!


Fish Music


If you have iTunes here's a link to some music related to piscatorial pursuits.


March 16, 2005

The Eve of Fly Fishing


Izack Walton has been credited with writing the most famous book ever published on the subject of fishing. The year was 1653 and Walton's book was The Compleate Angler.

As a result of his efforts, history has dubbed Sir Izack the patron saint of fishermen. But he was not the first published outdoor author on the subject. A woman beat him to it by 150 years. Her name was Dame Juliana Berners and in 1496 she wrote The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle.


Women Fly Fishing


No boys it's not women in waders!

Women's Flyfishing is dedicated to providing women information on guides, schools, instruction, fishing reports and more.

They also support Casting for Recovery, a nationally recognized not for profit program established in 1996. CFR provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by breast cancer to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through retreats in a beautiful natural setting; and learn fly-fishing, a sport for life.


Casting for Recovery page.


March 15, 2005

The Chironomid Community


You thought some fisherman were obsessed with Chironomidae?

Welcome to the Chironomid Home Page

The XVI International Symposium on Chironomidae
Funchal, Madeira 2006

The usual suspects

The Physics of Fly Casting


What MIT educated rocket scientists do for "kicks".

"Lots of people ask me if I fly fish.  This must have something to do with Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It and the fact that I'm from Montana.  The truth is I've never held fly rod in my life. But just for kicks I have studied the physics of fly fishing".

This is a discussion of the physics involved in a fly cast. We begin with a very simple "freshman physics" physical picture and progress to a more sophisticated model based on Lagrangian mechanics. It is not complete, but most of the important stuff is mentioned. It gets more technical as it goes on.


Here are a series of MPEG movies which show the results of our simulations. Each sequence of frames represents the solution of the equations of motion for the fly line during a typical cast. The angler is not shown, just the rod and line.


This shows the velocity history of the fly during the cast, for various types of fly line. Each line taper and density profile produces a characteristic velocity profile which can be used to compare the performance of different lines.


The Reference List


March 14, 2005

Smokebox interview of David James Duncan


Little did author David James Duncan know when he agreed to an interview with Smokebox editor Marc Covert that their correspondence—dubbed “the world’s longest conversation” by Duncan himself—would cover a span of over two years; from the first set of questions sent on June 25, 2002, to the final exchange in September 2004.


If fishing is a religion......


"If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is the high church." ...
Tom Brokaw

An Angler's Prayer

I pray that I may fish until my dying day
and, when it comes to my last cast;
I then most humbly pray,
when in the Lord's great landing net
and peacefully asleep;
that in His mercy I be judged
big enough to keep.

The Fellowship of Christian Fly Fishers

Fish God's River!

A plea for fishing

March 11, 2005

Catch 5 Times More Bass, Guaranteed


In general, for any number k, the corresponding Pythagorean triple is a = 2k + 1, b = 2k(k + 1), and c = b + 1. For example, when k = 1, a = 3, b = 4, and c = 5. When k = 2, a = 5, b = 12, and c = 13.


These will work too.


March 09, 2005

I tried normal once. I got bored. So I stopped doing it


The wayward flyfisher

Some good links, articles and attitude.


Carp Fishin the USA

Narda and Frank Walters' ambitious quest - Catch a carp in all 50 States and the District of Columbia

Only the "Alaska Carp" remains uncaught. It is rumored that there are "NO CARP IN ALASKA". The Walters will journey to Alaska in late August, 2003. They vow to net and photograph whichever species comes closest to qualifying as the" ALASKA CARP".

Includes a record of every state, date caught, weight and body of water. Frank's personal best was caught in Washington and weighed in at 28 pounds.

The details of the quest are part of the Carp Anglers Group web site whose motto is, "World's Greatest Sportfish". Doughball recipes also available.


GloFish™ Fluorescent Fish Guiding Ethical Principles


Someday they hope to use fluorescent fish as an indicator of toxins in the water, until then, 5 bucks per for your fish tank. Portion of the proceeds go to further research.

The providers of GloFish™ fluorescent fish realize that the enormous potential of genetic technology carries with it an important responsibility. To help ensure that we use this technology appropriately, we dedicate ourselves to the following guiding ethical principles:



March 08, 2005

The Joys of Ice Fishing


Download ice_fishing.mpeg

Makah overfishing having big effects


Big news here in the Pacific NW.

The outcry from anglers regarding the blatant over fishing by the Makah tribe and how WDOFW allowed it to happen has gotten the attention of some of the state's politicians.


The Makah are also the tribe pushing for annual whaling permits and who were in the news back in 1999 for hunting a Grey Whale.

The ancestral heritage argument for whaling and fishing rights pale in the ancestral glow of casinos, firework stands and tax free smoke shops.




Groucho : Well, what is the password?
Chico : Aw, no. You gotta tell me. Hey, I tell what I do. I give you three guesses. It's the name of a fish.
Groucho : Is it Mary?
Chico : Ha-ha. That's-a no fish.
Groucho : She isn't, well, she drinks like one. Let me see. Is it sturgeon?
Chico : Hey you crazy. Sturgeon, he's a doctor cuts you open when-a you sick. Now I give you one more chance.

Spearers landed 1,219 sturgeon in the first 11 days of the season.


Need a Sturgeon spearing guide?

$100.00 Fee per day per shanty
Includes: Ice Shanty, Spear, Gaf Hook, Decoy & Heat


The Sturgeon General: Dedicated to the future of our Sturgeon


Sturgeon videos

"If you've ever had a chance to look into the eyes of a sturgeon, there are unfathomable depths there that take you back millennia; they take you back ages and ages ago. And having looked into the eyes of a sturgeon, you can fully understand that these animals swam practically unchanged from the way they are today when dinosaurs walked the earth."


Wild Steelhead Coalition


An organization dedicated to increasing the return of wild steelhead to the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

If you fish for steelhead you should get out your checkbook and take action when WSC puts out a call to action. We'll also try to link to alerts put out by the various advocacy groups


March 07, 2005

Moldy Chum Monday Cup - O - Joe

Click on image!

Steelhead limits for gill-netters

Oregon does the right thing and restricts the incidental catch of spawners to 2% on the Columbia.


Washington on the other hand raises their percentage to 4, THEY WANTED 6%!


Angler's Quest Deluxe



The Angler's Quest Deluxe Virtual Fishing Simulator is the most luxurious way to go fishing without getting your feet wet.


Fishing Hurts?

A snippet from PETA's campaign to get us to stop fishing.

Imagine reaching for an apple on a tree and having your hand suddenly impaled by a metal hook that drags you—the whole weight of your body pulling on that one hand—out of the air and into an atmosphere in which you cannot breathe. This is what fish experience when they are hooked for “sport.”


Video of PETA activists descending on two fisherman.

Download unfishing.wmv



Our first post in our ongoing quest to "out" the best undiscovered fishing locales.


March 05, 2005

Horse power to reel in eel


There is a 4 meter, 60 plus pound eel terrorizing a trout farm in Australia. If they manage to hook it they're going to to tie the line to a saddle and use a horse to haul the beast out.


March 04, 2005

Secrets of the Sea


These are reportedly deep sea creatures which were found scattered throughout the tsunami wreckage during the ongoing clean up effort.

Toothy Tsunami_4 Tsunami_2 Tsunami_3

Slab of the week



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